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  1. @visajourneydr Here's the update. We finished our interview. Our interviewing officer asked us basic questions about our relationship (e.g. how we met, when we thought of marriage, how often we visited each other, how our wedding went, where we've traveled since). We showed him our passports, certified marriage certificate, and several recent pictures. He was friendly and pleasant throughout and the conversation went smoothly (in total, maybe 20 minutes of talking). And that was it. He didn't ask to see any other of the documentation listed on the USCIS letter that we had brought (e.g. birth certificates, affidavit of support -- I guess he had the copies from our I-485). I was surprised, but he said that he had enough information. In particular, he did not ask about the I-693 or anything vaccination related. We were approved the day after the interview.
  2. Apologies for reviving an old thread, but I figured I would add an update in case it might benefit others in the future. Also, I have a follow-up question. We filed our form I-485 without the I-693 (NOA date 2021-06-28) without issue. We received notice that our interview is scheduled at the end of this month (March 2022). My follow-up question is, do we need to bring an I-693 to the interview? Based on previous forum posts (e.g. the thread linked below), I suspect that the answer is no, we don't need an I-693, but I'd like to confirm that. Also, my wife completed her vaccinations (MMR, TDAP, varicella) in the interim. Do we need to bring proof of that to the interview?
  3. My then fiancee, now wife got her K1 medical examination overseas this January 2021. We are filing form I-485 for adjustment of status and are confused about whether we need to see a civil surgeon for the I-693. Her DS-3025 was marked as complete but she does not have any Tdap record. Also, she only received the first dose of MMR and Varicella. Does anyone have advice?
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