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  1. My son drove down around 10AM this morning. He interviewed with the same interviewer as my wife at 2PM. He had the usual interview reading, writing and civics. They went over his application to verify and clarify and that was it. He passed the interview and took his citizenship oath 10 minutes later. Same as my wife, he left there with his Certificate of Naturalization and a little American flag. I prepared his and my wife's paperwork to take with them. I included: Must have: 1) Interview Invitation Letter 2) Alien Registration Card (Green Card) 3) Passport 4) Medical Mask 5) Black Pen Nice to have: 6) Copy of the Application 7) Drivers License 😎 Social Security Card 9) A copy of the foreign birth certificate and translation.
  2. HI, Yes looking back it seems pretty quick but then again, I was sure to triple check all Applications and forms and I had VisaJourney to help me out and do it right. Funny though, way back then, while we were going through it, it seemed like it took forever.
  3. I was only allowed to go in because I am the one who prepared her application, but I was only allowed in to the waiting area. Our daughter in law was also with us and she had to wait in the car. Remember to take you mask and a black pen. All this is on your Interview letter from USCIS. If you have to take 85 the whole way then leave early so you can arrive early and have a a bit of time to calm your nerves before you go in.
  4. Look here for the study guide we used: https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/questions-and-answers/100q_largeprint.pdf Some questions have many possible answers so its good to know as many as you can. Some questions ask specifically for one, two or three answers from a list of answers, like "What are two rights from the Declaration of independence?" and you have to give two right answers from the list of three possible (life, liberty, pursuit of happiness). For the most part, the officers in Greer,SC are good friendly folks just remember to breathe and stay calm and follow their instructions. My wife's interview took about 40 minutes and the Oath ceremony about 20 minutes. So relatively quick. Interstate 85 is in terrible shape so i recommend going the longer route with less traffic and way fewer potholes. My step son is in the same boat you are and doing his interview next week on the 29th. Best of Luck to you. Hope it helps!
  5. Hi all, My wife had her citizenship interview this morning at 10AM at the Greer, SC field office. She passed her interview and civics and reading/writing tests with no problem. When we started to leave they told us to hang out for a few more minutes. Another lady was just finishing up her interview. About 10 minutes later they called my wife and this other lady back and the lady at the reception desk called me over and had me look back through the glass. My wife and this other lady were taking their Oath. While it certainly wasn't the big ceremonies you see on TV, I was just as proud. Our long journey is finally over. I sincerely have to Thank the mods and admins here on VisaJourney. Honestly I don't know if I could have gotten us through this whole process from K-1 to Citizen without you folks. God bless you all and may you keep doing what you do for a very long time.
  6. My wife and step son had citizenship interview appointments scheduled already for April before the office closure. Both we're subsequently "de-scheduled". Their green cards expire in July. Anyone care to guess if they will be eligible for deportation then?
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