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  1. They know of the juvenile case and have seen the disposition and is in my original DS-260 file, It was the 42 year old traffic violation that I can not seem to find any information of its existence or being in archives and was asking where else to look. MY ACRO/ SARs was done at the time of application and shows nothing and my recent request for drivers record from the UK shows nothing, only what I can legally drive. As for the other speeding fines, I only know a circa time, which was a fine and 3 penalty points for each occurrence
  2. I should add the reason this was forgotten is that when I was 13 I was convicted of a juvenile offence, got into a fight with another boy, parents of the other boy decided to prosecute and that was declared to USCIS with supporting paperwork which took all my resources to find that hence forgetting about motoring convictions
  3. I did not recall this until started looking at my traffic violations
  4. I am in the final 7 months of my 10 year green card LPR status. and have decided to apply for naturalization. I have researched and contacted many archives only to be passed from pillar to post and hit the same dead end when it comes to getting info on myself. They all say obtain a SARs which has already been done during the initial process and it showed nothing, I have contacted DVLA in Swansea and they send out your driving record, but again shows nothing Contacted local and city archives/libraries with same dead end. Contacted New Scotland Yard, they also suggested a SARs. I have people back home to help look into this info and even prepared to fly back for a few days to seek it out myself, but don't want to waste time or money if I'm going to get the same dead end. I would have been at least 17 maybe just turned 18 years old and moved a car without insurance, MOT, unaccompanied driver no L plates on a provisional license. 42 years ago. 1997 speeding ticket and again around 1998. I also had one when I first moved to the U.S which I have paperwork for and can show it was paid. Anyone able to offer advice how else I can get the information I need? TIA.
  5. You dont state the circumstances of the 100mph, but depending on the officer and state...I found this tid bit...Driving over 100 mph isn't a felony unless it leads to serious injury or death. That being said, the officer could've charged you with reckless driving, which is typically a misdemeanor criminal charge. In most cases, speeding only comes with a fine and traffic points, not criminal charges.
  6. Information about arrest(s) or conviction(s) removed from your record You must provide documentation of traffic incidents if: The incident involved alcohol or drugs The incident led to an arrest The incident seriously injured another person The section above on the online application, I guess is down to individual interpretation and as it states "unless" it resulted in.....My understanding is that it does not require uploaded documentation, but it is always best to have documentation should they ask for it
  7. Definitely wait until after the move as they will have to correct the information at the interview. One less thing to worry about
  8. My reason is to have my say in elections, but I have nothing back home anymore apart from friends. My country has changed in the last 10 -12 years I also have a brother and sister, but I can visit anytime I need to as they do with us.. Another reason is that its not a great deal more money to submit N-400 over renewing my GC so may as well go for it and be done with USCIS this time round. My wife will never move to the UK unless the unthinkable happened, but I respect her thoughts and now must make decisions that affect both of us. Everyone has their own reasons for doing the N-400, you have to do what is right for you.
  9. The online application does state that if its a traffic ticket, you do not need to list it unless it resulted in injury, drink driving, but I also have a ticket from 2012 and managed to get the record of payment in the event they ask about it
  10. I am just a few questions away from hitting submit and dealing with USCIS hopefully for the last time. Question about children states also adopted and step children, I have 3 all grown up left home and have families of their own. The field has flagged a yellow warning, which I know I could just submit and hope they know they are step kids, but what other information could be used or documentation to prove their relationship or do I really need to document this area? Thanks in advance
  11. The online N-400 states that the travel day you leave and the travel day you return are counted as outside the U.S
  12. Over the past years this site has helped my wife and I through the process and this year we start the final journey to through N-400. Thanks to all who contributed! We have been busy building our lives and working hard to get settled into the home of our dreams, working hard to climb the career ladder and although I am way past the five year rule for eligibility I have exactly 1 year left on my GC and decided that perhaps now we deal with USCIS for the final time, but first want to go home again as its been at least 6-7 years and thanks to Covid, was unable to go in that time. So with that being said I have a few questions; DVLA question. I have tried to contact them many times regarding any and all motoring convictions going back to 1981 when I had my provisional license and once applied for my drivers record, but nothing showed up on there at all and I know I had at least 2 speeding fines and one under my provisional license...( 41 years ago I moved a vehicle from where it was bought to my house, stupid I know, would have been only 17 at the time, no excuse!, but couldn't get no one to move it for me so was pulled over by police, no insurance, not MOT no accompanied driver and not a full license) So my drivers record shows nothing. Is there a specific department people have used to get the exact information? If I have to make a long distance call or even call them when I get back to the UK I will as I need to get documentation for proof that it was all taken care of after court decision , which I pled guilty and was allowed to do an absent plea, the fine at the time was I believe under $500 , but getting the info to be sure would be great. My one and only speeding ticket while living here was back in 2012, I assume that the local clerk to the courthouse is where I need to get info on that ticket? Residence history...Are they looking for the last 5 years or as far back since moving here? I ask as dates are not my strongpoint and trying to piece together now, each place we lived in the pas 11 years. Filed the AR-11 each time so know they will know exact dates. Travel history...Same as above, last 5 years? or since moving here , Can get most of them by using entry stamps of countries & return stamps of CBP, but not always stamped in the holiday destinations we visited. I think that's all for now, hoping to file by 2nd November online. Thanks in advance
  13. not uncommon to happen but it depends on the day if they have naturalizations happening at the time of your interview at a guess
  14. Traffic tickets do not go against you unless you were arrested, detained or charged with an offence. Focus on your interview , worry less about tickets! Good luck
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