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  1. Hello VJ Team, Just need your help on this. My wife is on AOS from B2 visa to Marriage, she received a courtesy letter regarding her medical exam and a few days later her status online change to “case is ready to scheduled for interview”. My question is when is the right time to do the medical? Do we have to wait for interview official notice? thank you for your answers
  2. Yeah we have it already. Our only mistake was sending it in a separate envelope.
  3. I’ll just send it the way they sent it then? Thank you for the answer
  4. My AOS got rejected because I had a mistake of sending it in a separate envelope that I concurrently applying with I-130. They need the I-797 notice receipt document that’s why they sent the whole package back. It’s stapled and every page has printed numbers on it, when I resubmit it do I need to reassemble or just send it as it is together with the document they need? Thank you for the help.
  5. We sent the I-485 together with the I-130 last Aug 9, 2019. We received notification and cash checked for I-130 but nothing for I-485. Should we call for follow up? Thank you so much for your answers.
  6. Who has here applied for AOS this August 2019? How many days does it usually takes to receive NOA? I sent mine last August 9, 2019 but haven’t receive any updates until now.
  7. Just a question, do they cash check the same day with I-130 and AOS. Got a notification today that the $535 was already cashed but none yet for AOS. Thank you for your answers.
  8. We mailed ours Aug 9, 2019. Waiting game begins. Good luck to us all!
  9. We did that forms too. Sent our package just this Aug.9. Now waiting time begins. Thank you for all your help!
  10. My wife applied adjustment of status. Does she need the I-601 for overstaying her B2 visa? Thank you for answering
  11. I’m filing two I 130 for my spouse and stepchild. I’m just confused on how to answer part 5: If you are also submitting separate petitions for other relatives, provide the names of and your relationship to each relative. Should I answer on item number 1. Yes? (Since I’m petitioning 2?) 2.a. My spouse details? 6.a. My stepchild details? thank you for the answer
  12. I’ll be doing 2 Separate I-130 for my spouse and stepchild. Do I have to do separate I-864 for the stepchild if I’ll be sending them in the same envelope?
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