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  1. Yeah, I'm positive it's due to the holidays. They said it was sent on 12/23, but the tracking info shows it being picked up on 12/26. There's a chance it could have arrived on 1/1, but since it was a holiday it made the 1/2 appointment impossible, unfortunately.
  2. Thanks all. Update on this - I had sent a couple of emails and they replied and called on the 30th saying that it wasn't ready for interview, so had to move it. They clarified that although they had received everything electronically, it had still not arrived physically. I used the DHL tracking tip this morning and see that it arrived there this afternoon, so very hopeful that it will be processed quickly. 🤞 Congrats brown007 - hope your interview will be easy and approved!
  3. Hi, We received our "In Transit" status on 12/23 and our "Ready" status on the CEAC status site on 12/27 and scheduled the interview for 1/02. Concerned, though, that the Embassy won't have everything ready due to the New Year holiday. Flight to Kyiv is booked already, all documents prepared, medical done, etc... is there a chance that they won't have the case ready for the appointment? The "ready" status specifically says "Your case is ready for interview..." but there hasn't been an email from the Embassy yet. Worried... any help or advice is appreciated!
  4. Nevermind - figured it out. Seems you can only use Internet Explorer or Firefox 🤦‍♂️
  5. When filling out the DS-160 online, my financée noticed that while there is a step to enter previous "Work / Education / Training", on the review and left-navigation it only shows present with seemingly no way to get back to the previous. Any thoughts or help is appreciated.
  6. Would there be any issues or considerations if my fiancée (Ukraine) traveled to an EU country for ~6 weeks while we await our NOA2? I would visit her there for part of that time.
  7. Hi, anyone else having trouble accessing case status? In the past, I've had this happen where it will just show an empty status box, and I'd open an incognito window or new browser and it would work. Today nothing works and it always shows a blank/empty case status. Even when I log in and pull up the case, it's empty and there's no case history.
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