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  1. Thank you ! Yes I’ll email the embassy and I’ll start looking for a joint sponsor just in case
  2. I’m asking because I didn’t work the full 2018 and I made 17000’s ,so in theory I’m good for a k1 visa .... but do I need to get a joint sponsor to be safe?
  3. Yeah I saw that too but I mean it doesn’t specify as far as I know is 100% for k1 since is considered and non immigrant visa and 125 %. For adjustment of status
  4. I know I’m not gonna get an answer for a few months ( until I get my NOA2) but I’m reading a lot to get info so I can be ready when the time gets here and I being reading at some pages that for k1 you need to do 125% poverty level and some say a 100% .... which one is the right amount .... thanks in advance
  5. We send it on the same day! Mine was delivered on the 17 too
  6. UPDATE ON MY CASE.... Sent paperwork on 7/15 afternoon , was delivered on 7/17 just received a message with a WAC NUMBER SAYING THAT THEY RECEIVED MY APPLICATION (7/19)....so excited!😁😁😁😁
  7. Yes!!!! I was a little worry thinking that I needed to do something extra , but you just do the same and just send what they ask for and that’s what we did 😁😁😁😁.and this page helped so much! We were even thinking on getting a lawyer but thanks to all the info available here we just did everything ourselves ( took us a couple weeks😬😬😬)
  8. Hello ! I just sent my I-129f on Monday 7/15 was delivered on 7/17 so excited , but waiting on at least the text that they received it... I found so much help on this page first to do my citizenship and now to file my I-129f ... I haven’t seen much info on same sex couple( I’m a homosexual male ) so is there is anyone else waiting or about to file and have some concerns on how to or just anything!!!! feel free to contact me :) .... thank you all for all the great info you provide :)
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