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  1. Thank you ! According to my stats you should be receiving the texts any day now (or night, technically, I got mine around midnight). I wish you the best of luck !
  2. Just wanted to update on my case : 04/22 : Case sent 04/24 : Case received 05/20 : Texts from USCIS with my case number received. As of today, our check still hasn't been cashed yet but I'm not worried now. Good luck everyone !
  3. Got the notifications in texts finally ! So here's my timeline : 04/22 : Sent applications to USCIS 04/24 : Applications received by USCIS 05/20 : Received text notifications However, the check hasn't been cashed yet, but I'm in no rush for that. Good luck everyone !
  4. Wow ! Another story that makes me feel more anxious and envious, thanks
  5. Oh no ! If I were you, I would start bombarding them with calls and emails, lol
  6. Our check hasn't been cashed either and seriously it is starting to freak me out a little bit though of course they say we shouldn't start worrying until it has been past 1 month. Keep us posted please on any update
  7. Sent in my forms (i 485, i 944, i 864, i 765) on April 22, and they received it in April 24, haven't heard anything from them ever since 😥. Anyone on the same page ?
  8. Thank you ! We were thinking that but weren't really sure.
  9. I just married my US Citizen spouse. I want to take his lastname. Social Security Administration told me to go to DMV. DMV told me to change it when I apply for Adjustment of Status with USCIS. However, I do not see a change of name form or section on I485. Does anyone know how I can change my lastname?
  10. I had a conversation with my fiancè few days prior to the interview on what we would do in case the visa was rejected and we came up with a backup plan which reassured me that K1 didn't work, we would still be together. It was this reassurance that calmed me down
  11. We share similar timeline ! Our case status has been "Ready" since Nov 14, too, I thought I should say hi
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