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  1. This is so frustrating! I heard only selective dates where opened on September so I’m hoping more dates will open up still. Crossing fingers
  2. I have been checking for interview appointments for a month now and I see nothing available. Is anyone else on the same boat!?
  3. Guys, I just want to confirm, Do we book the appointment for the K1 visa as “non-immigrant” or “immigrant” in the portal. Is there really a difference?
  4. Nothing is available anymore! how is that even possible!! It’s been hardly 8 hours, and all gone lol
  5. This is the forum I’ve been looking for! lol I’m in the same boat, can’t find any available booking.
  6. How do I try Canadian regional forum? I’m new to this.
  7. Does anyone know when interview will be open for booking?
  8. Hello, i have received my packet 4 early this month and have been attempting to book interview appointment since; however, there hasn’t been any availability. Does anyone know when the Montreal consulate will open spots?
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