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  1. Anyone know where I need to send my I-765 & 131 renewal to, filling under C09
  2. Okay and where do I send the application to? Thanks
  3. Okay, thank you but where do I send the application to ?
  4. Good day everyone, I will like to know the documents I need to renew my work permit, travel document and also where to submit the application. I received both document under C09 category. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Good day everyone, I will like to get some information about filling tax return if I am still legally married. Filing married but filling separated requires spouse’s SSN which I do not know. Also I will like to know which status Vawa applicants can file with. Any information will be appreciated. Thank You.
  6. Just to confirm, were you able to return to the US with your passport?
  7. Good day everyone, I have a quick question. Can I travel to Puerto Rico with just my REAL state ID? I am waiting on my Vawa case and my passport from my home country has expired. I will appreciate any information. Thank You
  8. Good day everyone, I would like to ask dose applying for government assistance affect one’s application? And how long dose it take to receive first primafacie ?
  9. Thank you for responding to my question. I’ve just received my EAD & SSN 2 weeks ago so she’s been responsible for my welfare since I moved in with her in late 2020 up until now. What the requirements if i May ask?
  10. Yeah she’s just a friend. Thank you for the information
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