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  1. Grrr.. Well i did suspect that would be the case , but thank you very much for your very quick reply . Paul
  2. Hi JFH, Thank you for taking the time to write to Jess, i am Paul and the one who has the criminal record, i dont want to go into too many details but yes it is fairly extensive, there are 2 crimes of moral trepitude i believe ( being carried in a stolen car that was written off ) and theft from a non dwelling ( it was a crate of beer from a shed ) my last crime was actually10 years ago today and it was drink driving . I was wondering if you or anyone else knows if i can start applying / begging for the waiver now as apposed to in 14 months time when our I130 application has been processed ? NO DRUGS OR MURDER ETC.. just basically growing up about 15 years later than i should have . Paul
  3. The “criminal record” I’m speaking of is over 20years old and simply has to be included or he could be denied based on that. I have a “criminal record” as the definition would suggest. Who doesn’t? (That comment should envoke passionate responses from those not seeking to actually help me with their advice but scold me for not disclosing information in my original post) Seriously, I just wanted to make sure I include any and all info/proof they need to avoid delaying my application for longer than the 15mons it takes.
  4. You’re probably right. The record doesn’t include “crimes of moral turpitude” but the fact remains- it exists.
  5. I’m sorry you’ve wasted time reading my post. I didn’t include all the details until others responded and the information seemed necessary to get the answer I was seeking.
  6. Certainly I agree. I just didn’t want to cause delays due to filing wrong apps or not including all pertinent info.
  7. Yes but the timing of the email, the sister that works for homeland security, husbands criminal past (alcohol/domestic disputes) could’ve been used against him. My ex started conversing with his ex wife and he has not been able to see his kids for almost 2years due to lies he told her.
  8. My ex bf said he did. (sister works for homeland security) He has not been to the USA since. We’ve had to meet outside the USA.
  9. No idea why the denials. (Some speculation and threats from an ex) There was no option to find out. Now we’ve married and I’m afraid whatever caused the ESTA to be revoked will delay or deny our I-130.
  10. My husband had originally come here on an ESTA in June 2017. When he returned to the UK he received an email he was NOT AUTHORIZED TO TRAVEL. He reapplied for another ESTA 2018 and received the same email. We’ve since married and are ready to apply using the I-130. What to do about the ESTA denials....
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