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  1. May I know your I-765 timeline? When did you submit your EAD?
  2. Anyone knows how to expedite EAD? Son't tell me to write a letter to Vermont service center I have already knew that
  3. St. Albans is such a small town seems like people are getting used to slow-pace life. I am done with those people. I-360 pending. My 485 package has been delivered to St. Albans for about three weeks check still not cashed out. I am wondering if I re-send another VAWA 485 package to Chicago will they give me receipt right away? I know they will eventually transfer to VSC. All I need is a I-485 receipt I-797C ASAP. Did anyone here try it out this way????? Apparently Chicago lockbox is known for its high efficiency they give receipt within 72 hours. I really don't mind pay $1225 multiple times.
  4. Are you saying page 3 1a we should check "VAWA self-petitioner, Form I-360"?
  5. Are you saying page 3 1a should be "VAWA self-petitioner, Form I-360"?
  6. Dear all, I have a question regarding I-360 form On page 14 item 12: I am currently residing in the United States and I request an Employment Authorization Document. If I am planning to file 360 485 765 131 concurrently what is the difference of this option? My concern is if I check "yes", can I still get C9 EAD based on pending 485 within a few months after I submit this application? I heard someone said if check "yes", they will not issue c9 EAD either. Is that true? My time is urgent. I don't want to wait 2 years to just get a c31 EAD.
  7. Should VAWA self-petitioner's personal statement be notarized as well?
  8. Hi ALL, USCIS websites clearly states that I-360 and I-131 for VAWA application should be sent to 75 Lower Welden Street St. Albans, VT 05479-0001 but when it comes to I-485 and I-765: 485 where to file: The beneficiary of an approved Form I-360, Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant, based on the eligibility category “Battered Spouse/Children,” and you are filing for adjustment of status. 765 where to file: Pending Form I-485 based on: approved I-360 as a battered spouse/child, as an abused spouse or abused child of a qualifying Cuban Adjustment Act of November 2, 1966 eligible spouse or parent. As you can see, all they say is if you have "approved I-360", they don't mention "filing I-360 I-485 concurrently"? Should VAWA package be sent to Vermont service center regardless filling I-360 standalone or filling I-360 I-485 I-765 concurrently?
  9. I am about filling VAWA 485 concurrent filling I need to double check with you guys: The forms I need are I-485 I-360 I-765 I-131 g-325 and I-1145, is this correct? and I need to label I-765 as c9 catagory, is this correct? Let me know if I miss anything. Thanks in advance
  10. If file VAWA 360 485 concurrent filling then unfortunately gets denied will USCIS put the applicant into removal proceedings immediately? I mean will the denial letter and NTA letter come at the same time? I am curious how long we have to wait for NTA letter? Theoretically in order to prevent NTA, we can re-apply VAWA 360 485 again the next day we get the denial notice to stop unlawful presence clock
  11. can anyone provide me a timeline for VAWA EAD? Currently how long does it take to receive C9 EAD?
  12. I am about to file VAWA 360 485 concurrent filling 1. Do we need to submit medical exam report with the package at the same time? 2. About to purchase a house in San Francisco bay area, any benefit for VAWA applicant on mortgage/loan interest rates after we receive "prima facie letter"?
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