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  1. You can sign up and check for status here: https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do We got approved little over 6 month with RFE in CA service center. Good luck.
  2. That's just a small portion of what they are looking at. Just make sure she knows a lot about you, when you propose and where/job/where you work/where you live/how long at current job/who you live with/your ex-spouse(if any)/kids, etc...Basically let her know about your life...Good luck.
  3. That is normal. Once you're done with the interview and if approved, it'll change to NIV then your Visa will be issued. Good luck.
  4. I got an email and my case status updated on USCIS website that they are requesting additional evidence. A week after they received my RFE paper they approved (NOA2). Good luck.
  5. https://www.***removed***/visas/kvisa/fiance-letter-of-intent-petitioner.html Use sample this this one. Good luck.
  6. I got an RFE for this same issue. I sent in 1 letter of intent and we both signed..Bad idea, they want one from Petitioner and 1 from Beneficiary. 2 weeks delay. Good luck.
  7. $60k is not a whole lot of asset in America. Beneficiary's asset is not part of the K1-Visa consideration for CO. Petitioner needs to have a steady income/job to provide medical insurance, food and shelter. In my opinion, 2 people living in the U.S with 60k won't last more than a year. Good luck.
  8. Is this as generic of response as it gets? I emailed the consulate and they responded same day pretty much....Peace... Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for your inquiry. This case was refused under Section 221(g) of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act because the case requires additional administrative processing. Administrative processing is required to ensure that applicants qualify for a visa based on U.S. immigration laws and procedures before issuance. The timing of administrative processing will vary based on the individual circumstances of each case. You may check the status of your visa application any time at: http://bit.ly/iv-status. Unfortunately, due to the large number of cases that require administrative processing at our office, we regret that we are unable to provide you with a time frame of when the required administrative processing will be complete. We currently do not need any additional documentation or action from the beneficiary or the petitioner.
  9. Did you get a 221g? Did you turn in everything they requested? I've seen people emailing consulate within a few week of being on AP. An inquiry about your case is not a crime, but you might just get the generic reply "We are working on your case, you will be contacted when the decision is made" something in that line. Good luck.
  10. No one should ever doubt Ancient status @Greenbaum. My case is stuck in AP since June 18th, 2019 and I just emailed the consulate for status update. Praying for positive response. Good luck to me and everyone on VJ.
  11. You're right. I do not want to start over unless I have to. Thanks.
  12. hey @Greenbaum - What's your opinion on this? My fiance (K-1 visa) is in AP since June 18th, 2019 (Vietnam). I’m planning to go visit her end of Aug. and praying that her visa will be approved/issued by then. BUT if it doesn’t, is it wise to marry her while I'm there and go back to the U.S to file I-130/CR-1? Or wait for K1 visa's outcome first, which could be months/years from what i have read...Thanks in advance. 221g blue slip They asked for my ex's info (address/phone#) Timeline of our relationship, airlines tickets. All provided and was told to go home and wait for them to call.
  13. Thanks for positive encouragement. I was in Vietnam in Nov. of 2018 so I couldn't go back again due to my work schedules. But you are right, I have read a lot about Petitioner attending the interview, sometimes they don't even interview the Petitioner and got approved. I really hope I don't have to file CR-1 but I will if they denied her visa. Now, I would definitely hop on a plane and attend the interview if they asked for me to be there...Thanks!
  14. Based on my experience for Vietnam embassy, you need to wait for the packet 3 (pkt3) from the embassy, and apply for visa (ds-160), schedule interview and get medical examination done before the interview. Good luck.
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