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  1. If you look up new immigrant insurance you can find some temporary ones.
  2. Your green card will probably take over 90 days to arrive. I just received mine and crossed May 4th. The SSN is fairly quick, I see most people getting it within 2-3 weeks. You can call your social SSN office and ask them if there is a SSN on file for you. They can tell if one has been created as you answer a few security questions. In my case it was lost in the mail so I had to make an appointment and visit them in person and get a new one. You don't need your green card to work. You can use the visa in your passport for proof of residency.
  3. Just wanted to post my timeline as I finally received my green card. The process was pretty straight forward for me. The only thing I'd recommend is when you cross the border... ask to see what information the border agent is putting in the system. They changed my address and also put my name in wrong so it was a bit of a headache getting my SSN fixed. My green card did arrive with all the correct information. I really appreciate all the information in this forum and everyone on it! It made the process much easier. Sent i-130 - November 14, 2019 (Also my priority date) i-130 Approved - June 24, 2020 Filed with NVC - July 23, 2020 DQ'd - August 11, 2020 Interview Date: April 21, 2021 Passport Returned: April 26, 2021 Crossed Border: May 4, 2021 Green Card Received: August 30th, 2021 Thanks so much everyone! So glad to finally have the card in hand!
  4. I crossed May 4th and just got notice that they mailed it on Thursday.
  5. PD: 11/14/2019 DQ: 08/11/2020 Interview Date: April 21, 2021 Passport Returned: April 26, 2021 (paid for the courier) Wahoo! So excited to move to be with my husband!
  6. My appointment was at 9:45. I was back at my hotel by 11:20. I've heard some people say theirs took 3 hours.
  7. Maybe a combination of Canada’s May long weekend and Memorial Day in the US? I’m still not sure which holidays they observe.
  8. As of right now if you are coming from Canada you do not have to, there is no quarantine or anything. There is a 8pm curfew.
  9. Has anyone moved to the US on a CR-1 green card that owns a business? I own a web design business in Canada and am wondering what I need to do. The day I cross the border with my green card, I am no longer a Canadian resident. Does that mean any income I claim from that day I eventually file with the IRS? Does anyone have any resources about moving with a business? Maybe I just need to call the IRS for some information? I assume as well I stop charging tax for any Canadian clients. Most of my clients are US residents already. Thanks for your help!
  10. It’s like a 10 min walk. I took Uber there cause I arrived the day the phones were all down and not familiar with the area. I took Uber back cause it was snowing, less than $9. The Embassy is right beside the bank there, no signs on the door but people were standing there at my interview time. I walked the day before just to check out the area. It’s so close to the hotel, it’s perfect! Tons of food options. I used skip the dishes for dinners and Cora is in the hotel so I ordered my breakfast online and walked down to get it. You could walk and pick up dinner as well but just did delivery. There’s tons of shopping too so leave room in your suitcase if you want to do any shopping. Feel free to message me if you have any questions as well.
  11. I forgot to say, I wouldn’t plan on working the internet the whole time. It’s spotty.
  12. Yes it does. I planned to work too but never did as I couldn’t focus lol.
  13. Had my interview this morning and was approved! It was about 90 minutes total. Lots of sitting around waiting. The questioning was minimal and only a couple minutes. I suggest talking to others in the room to help calm your nerves and make the time pass. We are all going through the same thing. I took the train from Toronto to Montreal. And taking it back to Toronto again. No issues with the travel restrictions. VIA Rail says they aren’t checking and it’s just up to the traveler to follow the rules. Plus our travel is essential so I’m sure if you are driving and just show your papers you will be fine. I recommend staying at the Best Western nearby as it was less than 2 minute walk. Plus the hotel is familiar with the interviews and gave me a late checkout and also told me if I need to print anything last minute to let them know. This forum has been so helpful! And that spreadsheet was invaluable for helping me estimate my interview date and plan my travel back and forth to see my spouse. Thank you!
  14. I would email them again. I emailed yesterday and they responded in the afternoon with an appointment. This is the email I sent my appointment request to: panelphysicianUSA@drcheema.ca
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