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  1. hi guys. August 2018 filer. case was transferred to Potomac on june 2019 and had heard nothing after fingerprint was taken on july 2019. on dec 30th, finally I gave up and decided to apply for N400 since I was thinking I already wasted 5-6 months. I got the receipt number same day. and today! my I751 was updated to "new card is being produced". what a big relief! I have a feeling it has something to do with applying for N400. not sure though. wish you the best guys.
  2. I can't believe they are approving other cases from OCT while we are still waiting!
  3. this timeline is sooo close to mine. thanks for sharing!
  4. I didn't hear anything after transferring to Potomac and fingerprint that I did back on July. I don't know if it's a good decision to apply for N400 or not. I'm just tired of this. what do you think?
  5. thanks for the analysis. seems we are getting close
  6. hi guys I submitted a change of address request a month ago and never heard back. in old website it shows that I filed but nothing else. when I submitted there was a note saying you should hear back from us by sep 20th. so I called them after that back in sep and the officer told me wait a little bit more. it is just changing the street name and number and it shouldn't affect the process. but I was wondering if anyone went through this process before and how long it takes to get a letter or something from them?
  7. this is rediculas. when you check processing time for Potomac it says they are working on cases from may 2018. it was end of June yesterday! why did they transfer us somewhere else when people who applied after us are getting approved at same service center? aren't we priority??? I'm so mad now.
  8. same here. I'm following up other forums. it seems that they just starting on June filers Potomac trasferees. some got RFE recently. so I guess we still have at least 2 month ahead.
  9. omg! I was thinking I'm the only one. I'm about to delete the app since I get excited for nothing when I see the notification.
  10. traveled couple times. no issues at all. I-797 is not just a extension letter. it's an official document. all immigration employees are familiar with it. the only issue you might have, in some airports, like LAX, you can't get the line for permanent residents for passport check/stamp since the machines can not read the letter and they just assume you have expired green card. you have to stand in Visa holder lines which is a pain. looong waiting sometimes. other than waiting, no other issues
  11. I found the link for you. you should go couple pages back from last page.
  12. you know I just Google: I-751 June filers and it brings it up 😊 actually they got one more approval from Potomac transferees. we should expect our approval in 2 months from now I guess
  13. Good news for Potomac transferees: one of the June filers also Potomac transferee got the approval today. so they didn't forget us 😊 and I didn't know they work overtime on weekends!
  14. guys, I'm so so tired of this process. log in to uscis 100 times every day and nothing... 😔
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