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  1. What day of july did u send ur application? Did u get letter saying what they want? Maybe they lost ur stuff
  2. I dont think that has to do much with approval. Its coincidence that it happened(started glitching) before u got approved. It glitches for a lot of ppl. Try using other browsers and ull see it works on some of them. Its their server thats messing up when uploading data. Probably some security glitch
  3. I don't know how this is bad. Only thing i see is bad is this counterfeit racist media that is bashing Trump where there is no reason to. I taught it effects me(even tho i have green card waiting for i751), because i even found articles where they are gonna start taking our green cards at airport(fake news). This freaked me out for no reason, and i skipped my trip, to visit my sick father because of fake news. Like they seriously can mess up someones life just because they are demonizing Trump. Like who the hell wants people that are abusing system, have you guys seen those poor cities in California, where people pay everything with EBT cards, dont pay taxes until they make 10 kids so they can get money back, get insurance, housing for free without even being legal. I mean even Americans shouldn't do that for granted(just my opinion) but as temporary help, meanwhile they see is at way permanent thing, and also all of those child support things, while at the same time being racist and blaming people, by saying that"they hate their race", where its not race thing, its just awful selection of immigrants representing all of us in a bad light, which are trying to do good. Because of them even i my self, when i think about word immigrant, first thing that comes to my mind is uneducated person with low IQ, selfish, and racist. Yeah that is awful. Racism that boils in that is awful, because media is feeding them by telling them they are at that position because of their race. From what i understand this affects only people that don't have green cards, and even if u were abusing gov money, like it doesnt matter if u dont do it after oct 15. Even if u do it after oct 15, u can get papers possibly after 36 months. What do people want more, and how is this a bad thing? Racist people that take young engineers, doctors and similar professions(even from their own country) spot by living here like leeches is what is really racist and unfair. I see someone asking does it affect people filling i751. No it doesn't. I took fee waivers at college(i didnt get free money) i was scared that'll affect me. I always taught going to college is a good thing for uscis(which it probably is). I talked to lawyer and he clarified it that it doesnt effect us, even tho we are conditional residents, we are still permanent residents, and if u got your first GC, you are not affected by this! Sorry for mistypes, i kinda wrote long post on the go.
  4. Yeah, its hard to tell what is really happening in the news, because liberals keep making it look worse and just stressing us out more, meanwhile republicans are making it look like it effects people that are leeches and only few of them. Truth is somewhere inbetween i feel. There are news on uscis website too, but it doesnt say a lot. https://www.uscis.gov/news/news-releases/uscis-announces-final-rule-enforcing-long-standing-public-charge-inadmissibility-law
  5. ok one more thing, i've used fafsa before, i didnt get any money or books or anything, just saved about $1500 by not paying some classes at community college, even tho i paid for the most of them.. I mean this is really bad. Unfortunately most of us that are affected by this didnt cause this, and im sure even president doesnt want to deport people like us, but indirectly it affect us, struggling immigrants trying to make it and not depend on government. I taught going to school will be a big plus, but if fafsa will keep me away from citizenship.... omg... Lazy Immigrants that never worked or worked very little, used food stamps, ebt and all that stuff, never learned english, caused government to act this way.
  6. It pretty much comes down to, who ever used any public assistance program wont be eligible for green card, food stamps, affordable housing and similar stuff.. Makes a lot of sense, however i had no idea about this since i read affordable housing doesnt effect green card way before. Me and my wife are part of MODERATE income housing program, we pretty much get $3000 apartment for $2000 per month. She applied for this and i had no idea that is paid by gov(if it is, i taught apts just get tax cuts which are part of this program) otherwise i wouldn't mess with it. Its not like we are poor, u need to make 70k-100k to qualify for this. And now i find out about these new rules. Its little to say im terrified cause i never had intention to use government money(if i did im still not sure is our program part of it). Hopefully some of u guys have answers. Also good thing is its says EXEMPT are people that already have green cards. So i think that means none of this affects us, does it ? im really hoping it wont affect our citizenship, because for what we are paying we still can get really nice apt. It will be really ###### up life story if this compromises my residency and my whole life.
  7. I don't want to sound rude, last time my post got removed. But if u guys go thru this topic ull see that everyone waits around 4 weeks ATM.. So no you probably wont receive it for another 2 weeks. You are good even if ur green card expired, as long as USCIS received it on the last day of green card, or before. Even if u send application only, without one evidence, USCIS cares right now only about application pages, and payment, you'll get an extension.
  8. Received mine today. sent 8.6 received by immigration 8.7 CSC 9.4 . found extension(18mo) in mailbox. Goodluck!
  9. I guess u sent it to CSC too. Some1 should add me to the list. Ill be keeping u guys updated. Felt a lot better when ive seen everyone from august is in the same boat.
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