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  1. I received an email from the State department saying I can scedule an interview, but my fiancee has not received anything from the consulate yet. Isn't this a bit unusual? The NVC sent the petition on August 6th. I assume this means that she will soon receive the packet from the consulate
  2. Are court records required to be translated into English? (they are in Russian) What other documents need to be translated from Russian into English for Moscow? Thanks
  3. Thank you. I understand it takes most of a day?
  4. Thank you! Yeah, I've been doing a lot of studying here, there's so much valuable information.
  5. I just recently signed up here and wanted to say thanks, this site has already been so helpful to me and my fiance and answered several questions. It has made this complicated process much easier to understand.
  6. Can anyone who has had the medical interview in Russia elaborate on the process, what happened, what was involved, etc? Thank you.
  7. Ah, so it was simple, that's good to hear!
  8. How did you respond to that RFE? Okcupid is obviously not a site that would be subject to any IMBRA regulation
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