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  1. It took about 2 weeks to receive the visa from Pony Express after our interview. Pony Express is not a very good company. They couldn't figure out how to deliver to her house, so we went and picked it up. Must have taken 2 hours on the phone calling and calling to finally get someone who said it was okay to pick up. Once we found the place it took 2 minutes, it was just there on the desk.
  2. I didn't have to make a formal request or anything. When I called the embassy to ask about something else, I said I was coming with my fiancee and they said that was fine. Once you have an interview appointment you can just call them and tell them, just to be safe.
  3. I am self employed. I did not provide an employment letter. My father provided one and tons of info-- bank statements, several years of tax returns, proof of income from other sources, etc. At the interview, all they wanted was the I-134 form. They didn't even want any of that documentation or the employment letter! I asked "Do you need any of this" "Nope". The process was far easier than I thought. I don't know about other embassies but Moscow was not hard. Everything took 2.5 hours including waiting in a huge line. We were done by lunch time.
  4. I checked with both the Moscow embassy and US Custom and Border control and they said that it is okay, Sergeyevna is how they translitterate it for visas. Very strange. My question on the name change was in the USA, not on her Russian passport, don't care about that. Is it changed via court order after she gets her green card? Each state is different it seems.
  5. My fiance got her visa today, finally (Pony Express is sloow and very poorly run), but her patryonimic is spelled "Sergeyevna" In all the other documents, the medical paperwork, and so on, it is spelled, Sergeevna, the correct way. Is this an error or just crazy US Department of state translitteration rules? As an aside, can she change her name once she enters the US? On the Russian passport and on the visa it's spelled Anastasiia even though that is not the name she uses. (Anastasia)
  6. Currently it says "Administrative Processing" still. And that the passport hasn't been sent. It's only been a few days (interview was Friday)
  7. The interview was realitively easy and we were approved. It was realitively fast, the whole process was about 2.5 hour. We arrived at 7 and were near the front of the line, the line behind us was 1/2 of a block long. Definitely leave phones at hotel, the van that stores your phone wants a ridiculous about of money to hold your phone for a few hours. Most of the time was spent waiting. The actual interview itself was about 10 minutes and the woman spoke perfectly English and Russian was was friendly. The medical appointment was a lot longer and more difficult than the interview We are glad it's over!
  8. We have our interview in Moscow next week. Any tips or suggestions? How tough are they? Based on the reviews, they didn't sound too horrible so I am crossing my fingers...........
  9. We were able to get an appointment. As soon as we were "unlocked", a calendar with a bunch of dates showed up, from the 6-13, we chose the 13. Did not experiece the "no appoinments available" with the caldendar. As for the link to the Telegram group, I don't know how to send it. It was Visa in USA (Gofortravel) "Visa in USA" written in Russian
  10. Thanks. So I do not need an employment letter, only my father as he is the co sponsor?
  11. I am going to have my parents as co sponsors for the K1. Do I need to do anything different? The instructions on the embassy site say to provide: Signed tax returns (W2 and 1040), bank statements, employment letter. Their bank statements or mine? How many months back? What's an employment letter? I assume copies of the tax returns and bank statements will be okay (rather than trying to get the originals to Russia....)
  12. It's ridiculous that the site has a lock out, I've paid all their fees, filled out their forms, and in general jumped through all the hoops. It shouldn't be a fight to get an appointment, especially when there are so few.. 😣 Thanks for the info, once I can enter the site again I will check. My fiance found a group like that on Telegram.
  13. Thanks. What is the P3 form? When I tried to check for appointments again later, the system locked us out, saying we are blocked for 72 hours 😐 "temporarilly suspended" They really make this a lot more difficult than it should be....
  14. How often should we check for appointments? Once a day? Filled out the DS-160, got manual approval from consulate, but no appointments available now....
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