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  1. The truth is both parties are capable and willing to pay that is why asking who should pay inorder to make the case strong.
  2. Even if she gets her visa after my delivery she can still meet her grandchildren. Some people have successfully been able to book slots within months time. I think the key is to check at odd times.
  3. One of my other aunt will come for three weeks from Saudia to look after her father meanwhile. She will visit me for three weeks only.
  4. This platform has always been my go to place. Thankyou in advance to all the members who will help me with their insights. I am a greencard holder and my husband is a US citizen. I am currently pregnant and due in October. I want my mother to visit on visitor visa so that she can meet her grandchildren as it is a tradition in our country when a girl is pregnant her mother comes.She is a divorcee,currently has $10,000 in her account, two rental properties under her name and is a sole caretaker of her father in Pakistan who suffers from Parkinson’s disease as all her siblings are all around the globe and my grandmother passed away. Inorder to make her case strong should I write she will finance her 3 weeks trip herself or should my husband finance it as I am currently not employed.what other documents should I include to show strong ties ? A letter from hospital showing my grandfather suffering from Parkinson’s and is bed ridden? I am so confused. Please help
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