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  1. I called the uscis helpline and they resloved the issue.
  2. My family (5 members) recently received immigrant visa. Now, when I try to pay fees on USCIS immigrant fees portal, the A-Number and Case ID works fine for the 4 members but when I do it for my youngest brother, the portal gives an error: “ An unexpected error occurred”. I am attaching screenshot for reference. Solutions tried: 1: Created an account on USCIS and sent inquiry but no response. 2: Called NVC: they told me to contact USCIS directly, this is not their domain 3: Called USCIS (+1 (800) 375-5283) but there is an AI bot that answers and solves nothing. 4: Emailed embassy but of no use 5: Tried searching internet but could not find any reasonable solution. 6: I tried different browsers (firefox, IE, Chrome) and different devices (iOS, Windows) but nothing works. Please help me resolve this. TIA
  3. Yes, the visa was issued last week. Just received the passport a couple of days ago. The wait is tough but thankfully, its over.
  4. Do you know anyone whose status changed to AP from refused and still waiting to be issued?
  5. I don’t know if embassy is working these days as people who got AP got visa swiftly last month.
  6. I submitted my 3rd medical for F4 on 24th March. Case went from refused to AP on 16th April but since then, it is stuck in AP.
  7. Hi, my case is in AP from July-18. We submitted our medicals for the third time on 24-Mar-21. On 16-April-21, our status was changed from refused to AP. Anyone having an idea on how long it would take for embassy to issue visa as this is the general trend (Refused -> AP -> Issued). TIA
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