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  1. Heyyyy!!! Mine did too! I’m also in Charlotte NC. I filed 4/16/19
  2. Okay so yesterday my status changed that my card was mailed to me. I have seen that a lot of people post that they give a tracking number. But I don’t see where . Did anybody get one ?
  3. It was severe financial loss. I already have a work permit from DACA. It expires this month in the 19th, I applied for EAD renewal with AOS application back in April and requested the expedite. So I’m already employed and they required a termination letter from my job explaining they would have to end my employment if I did not get my work permit renewal in time. I also included a cover letter explaining my financial loss due to medical bills, school loans, house bills , and the the fact that me and my husband just had a baby this past January and need both incomes.
  4. How long until you got your card after card in production status ? Mine changed to card in production on 06/05/19. Nothing since then. I just hope it gets here by the 18th because my current work permit expires 06/19/2019.
  5. Now all you have to do it wait. Mine stayed like that for 19 days. And on 06/5/19 I got notification there was an update and this is what it changed to.
  6. They made the decision today ! I received the notification my status changed to card in production early today. Super excited
  7. Yes ! I sent my documents over 5/10/19 and on 5/17/19 they sent me an email letting me know they received my documents and were going to be making a decision shortly
  8. Hey !! I did and I just received notification that card in production today ! Omg I am so happy. I was under so much stress.
  9. Wow I’m depressed now I requested mine the same date and still waiting. But i am happy for you !
  10. Hey guys I wanted to start something for all the Charlotte, NC filers doesn’t matter what month.. just curious to see everyone else’s timeline to so I can know what to expect for mine. i filed in April 16, 2019 heres my timeline so far. 4/15/19 mailed 4/16/19 USCIS received 5/9/19 early walk in for biometrics (original date 5/26/19) 5/10/19 fingerprints received and reviewed 5/23/19 case is ready to be scheduled im so anxious ... I know it’s a long process but can’t help it. would love to hear everyone else’s experience so far
  11. I did yesterday and he was no help... all he said they are still making the decision and I have to wait. Sucks
  12. Hey guys..... freaking out about my EAD expedite. My current work permit will expire June 19... which means I lose my job and I can’t afford that. And I also have another job that wants to hire me but I can’t accept it bc of my work permit they reached out to congresswoman to see if she can help expedite... have a current EAD through DACA... sent AOS application 4/15/19 received 4/16/19 . here’s my timeline . Couldn’t afford to send AOS and DACA renewal and dont make sense to send DACA again anyways... but here’s my expedite timeline. 5/1/19 expedite request sent 5/8/19 evidence requested (financial loss, termination letter from job) 5/9/19 biometrics done-early walk in 5/10/19 faxed termination letter, cover page explaining my severe financial loss and how I have school loans and just have a baby this past January and have bills. 5/17/19 USCIS received evidence for expedite request and have not heard anything since ... I’m so nervous and stressed. i have another job offer they really want me to work with them and they had me do a privacy release form and sent it over to our congresswoman to see if she will help expedite it as well I’m not sure when or if she has contacted USCIS on my behalf yet but faxed over info on 5/24/19 to her secretary.... still have no updates since 5/17/19... I see so many success stories but I’m losing hope for mine.
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