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  1. No need to be snarky, it's a legitimate question. These are unsure times within the context of USCIS' power over peoples' livelihoods.
  2. Not that I'm doubting you or anything, but do you have an official source by chance? I'm scared to use my husband's portion of the check if it'll count against us during ROC.
  3. Does receiving the stimulus check fall under the "Public Charge" category?
  4. This sounds exactly like our interview, we also were adjusting fron F-1. Don't sweat it - we also didn't get approved on the spot. We got approved two days later.
  5. My husband also got his green card in the mail today! We are so blessed, 2019 was an amazing year for us. Thank you to everyone here for all of your help and support, and I wish the rest of you quick processing and easy interviews! We'll be back in two years for ROC 😂
  6. Congrats on the EAD!! That should surely help with the financials!! We also did it without a lawyer, and couldn't have done it without this community. The immigration officer complimented me on assembling all the paperwork myself, and my husband's green card was mailed yesterday. 🙌
  7. 감사합니다. 인터뷰 통과가 잘 되길 바랍니다
  8. Is the receipt number really personal info? How can people pull information from it? Not trying to be difficult- if it is personal info please remove my photo attachment too. Made in the last page of this thread
  9. WE GOT APPROVED!! This is such a happy day! 2019 has been the best year of our lives. Happy holidays and happy new year everyone!
  10. So happy for you and your husband! I'm glad us August filers are starting to get interviews. Where are you thinking to go on your honeymoon? We also had our interview today, but it was a lot different from yours. It didn't seem like the IO really even looked at our file before calling us in, it was as if it was her first time seeing it once we were already in the room. She barely looked at our bona fide marriage evidence, including the pictures. We also were not separated, we were in the room together. She mostly just confirmed what was in our petition, with minimal questions about our marriage. Then we got on the topic of knowing one anothers' language, she wanted me (USC) to say something to my husband in Korean, I guess to prove that I know how to speak it? And that was pretty much it. Anyway, I don't know the backend of how USCIS operates, but she ended up handing us a piece of paper that said they have all of our documentation but have yet to make a final decision... She did say that the case "looks approvable", though. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out what that means -- was she not the final authority on if it gets approved? I can only consider two possibilities - she did not really look through our file prior to interviewing us and wanted to review the paperwork further, or she had to get approval from another IO due to some "yes" answers to the inadmissibility questions. Korean men all have to serve in the military so he had to answer "yes" to the weapons training and foreign military questions. To top it off, the USCIS website has been down all day so I can't obsessively check our case status LOL
  11. Had our interview today, we didn't get a decision quite yet which makes me anxious because it seems like so many people get approved on the spot... She said that our application "looked approvable" though, whatever that means. I hope we get a decision soon so we can finally plan to go visit family overseas.
  12. I hope you didn't just lump all F-1 holders into the "overstay" category... lol. At the end of the day, immigration is a privilege and not a right. Nobody here is entitled to anything more or less than anybody else.
  13. Got our interview notice! Scheduled for December 18th! Things are moving along so quickly, we couldn't be happier
  14. I think it has more to do with local office maybe? We just got scheduled today, waiting for the interview date in the mail. In our case it's an adjustment from F-1. I know this thread is in the K-1 section, but the "Adjusting from Other Visas" section doesn't have an August 2019 thread, so that's why I'm on this one. Then again I really have no idea why it's moving so fast since Charlotte's average is about 6-7 months from NOA1 to interview.
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