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  1. That makes sense. We did do the AOS interview. And you're right, it's hard to speculate. My areas of concern are: I submitted joint tax returns instead of tax transcripts, 3 months of joint bank statements rather than 2 years, and didn't include the lease of the apartment we were living in before we bought our home. I'm terrified they'll deny on the basis of "evidence not covering the full 2 years". I know an RFE is far more likely, but I'm anxiety-prone. I regret not reading this forum more extensively before mailing.
  2. Do you think (and this is probably just speculation, none of us can truly know) that they look through the packet and decide which goes to the NBC and which don't, based on strength of evidence? I'm currently beating myself up for excluding some things that I learned here I should've included, although I believe our evidence is strong otherwise. It would help to know that USCIS thought the same upon skimming our packet... 😅
  3. Hey guys, I could use some reassurance. Our case was assigned to YSC, as I discovered yesterday. Yippee for the slowest center. I started delving deep into this forum after I submitted my packet. A lot of folks here submitted 2 years (!!) of bank statements and we only did 3 months. I thought that would be enough. We bought a house in 2021 so I included the joint deed/mortgage docs but I stupidly left out our apartment lease that we were living in beforehand. I also submitted 2019/2020 tax returns, not tax transcripts... They cashed our check and all that, but this wouldn't be enough to warrant an outright rejection... right? Just an RFE? How long did other YSC filers take to receive an RFE?
  4. Packet mailed via USPS: 9.27.21 Delivered: 9.30.21 Check cashed: 10.5.21 Text message received 10.5.21 We got YSC (Potomac) which looks like the slowest... 😕 Is this one of the centers that will require another interview?
  5. I can't believe it's been two years! Here we are again. 😅 Our thirty day window began September 21st, and I mailed our packet today. I'm a little nervous because I omitted some blank pages that were numbered on a couple of documents... also only did last three months of bank statements, rather than a whole year. If these turn out to be problems, I hope it'll just be an RFE and not a rejection. I think our evidence is really strong, though.
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