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  1. Have they sent any communications for follow-up documentation?
  2. Trusting God. We haven't heard anything yet. Good for you. Congratulations👏
  3. No age difference or difference in religion. The follow-up documents requested were a questionnaire, resume, list of my publications and professional references. The questionnaire was extensive asking for addresses for previous 15 years and social media accounts. It may have been related to my National Security background, however, we don't really know for sure. It may be a few months before we hear anything else.
  4. This is the latest email we got from them. Greetings from the U.S. Consulate General Mumbai. Your application remains refused under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act for mandatory administrative processing. Unfortunately, we cannot expedite or give an estimated timeframe. U.S. immigration law requires that additional steps be completed in some cases before a file can be reconsidered for adjudicative review. We appreciate your patience. Please be assured once again that we will contact you as soon as the processing of your case is complete. You can also check the status of your visa at https://ceac.state.gov/CEAC/. Sincerely, Consular Information Unit U.S. Consulate General Mumbai"
  5. I'm sorry too for you. All the best to you too. This is just very painful.
  6. Nope, the case is still in AP. No updates, not even for when we submitted our documentation
  7. 😲 Okay. This is horrible & crippling. Thank you for replying.
  8. I've been waiting for 30 days now. Even if it shows non-immigrant AP. It doesn't mean anything?
  9. I had my interview on 16th may 2019 at the Mumbai consulate. The visa officer said it was approved at the interview. When I went to pick up my passport, 221g letter was given with no visa. The ceac status shows that case was created on 16th may & case updated on 16th may. It shows non-immigrant AP. They asked for my CV, publications details, work history, transcript, questionnaire. We had to cancel our ticket, etc. This is a horrible phase. Trusting Jesus. Please help. What do you think?
  10. Mine is also in the same category. They asked for my CV, publications, work history, questionnaire. I had my interview on 16th May at the Mumbai consulate. Now they keep saying administrative processing.
  11. I think it's because of my work history. I had worked on technological innovation & national security issues (defence, nuclear, etc). But all of them were theoretical studies. I didn't specify that they were purely theoretical in nature. I just got a PhD too in strategic studies. It might have come under the technological alert list (tal).
  12. My fiance & I went for my interview to Mumbai Consulate on 16 May 2019. At the interview, my visa was approved but when I went to collect my passport, it was on AP. The consulate also sent a questionnaire, asked for resume, publications details, transcripts, etc. We sent the documents in a hurry and made a mistake (typo) in the case number and sent an old resume. We received automatic confirmation for that email. We, later on, sent a corrected email but we didn't get any confirmation automatic response for that. We have contacted the support-india team too but no help. Please suggest. Thank you 
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