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  1. But I can go back here in the US after a semester then go back to the PH again right? As long as I don’t stay outside the US for more than 6 months? A semester takes 5 months. Will look into that. Thank you, sir.
  2. Hi. May I know the average processing time of AOS in New Jersey. Also, if I receive my 2yr green card, can i file re-entry permit to finish my nursing school in the Philippines? I have 3 semesters left and due to the change of curriculum I might stay for another semester. I need some advice. I’d rather go back to the Ph than getting in debt with student loans here in the US.
  3. We needed to submit the police records of my fiancé because that was our RFE. We only submitted court records with the packet, hence RFE. I am the beneficiary. I already have my NBI clearance.
  4. We already sent the original copies with the I-129F.
  5. Hi. Do I need to bring original copies of these during the interview? Or a copy will do?
  6. Oh yes, thanks! I’m bothered because it might affect the rest of the process, especially the interview.
  7. Police records. I’m disappointed with the lawyer because my fiancé paid a huge amount of money. We submitted police and court records (all dismissed) but he only sent the court records, hence, rfe. He’s an immigration lawyer and he should know the requirements. And I think he didn’t even review the I129f form. 🤦🏽‍♀️
  8. Hi. I am the beneficiary. We hired a lawyer to process our petition and we already got approved. Our case is already at the US embassy and I can already schedule for my medical and interview. However, when we asked the lawyer to send us the copy of I129f, I saw some errors. I have no children but the box was ticked that I have. Also, my passport details are blank. We are worried that this will affect the interview process. Any thoughts on this matter, please? Thank you!
  9. Our lawyer requested a background check from the FBI and the results were submitted together with our application.
  10. My fiancé had records but all of them were dismissed/resolved. He was once charged with DWAI. He was also accused of groping but it was also dismissed. Will the application be affected even if his cases were dismissed?
  11. K1 visa May 8 - Sent our packet through our lawyer May 9 - NOA1 Received. California Service Center.
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