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  1. Our lawyer requested a background check from the FBI and the results were submitted together with our application.
  2. My fiancé had records but all of them were dismissed/resolved. He was once charged with DWAI. He was also accused of groping but it was also dismissed. Will the application be affected even if his cases were dismissed?
  3. K1 visa May 8 - Sent our packet through our lawyer May 9 - NOA1 Received. California Service Center.
  4. Is Affidavit of Witness really required? We sent photos with my fiancé’s relatives. Are those not enough?
  5. Hi. We sent our packet last May 8 and it was received the following day according to our NOA1. We filed through a lawyer and the letter of intent that we separately made did not include our address and where will it be sent but we indicated the date and signed it. Also, prior to filing, my fiancé’s lawyer requested a background check (we waited for almost 5 months for the result) bec my fiancé had few records but it was all dismissed. Will these affect the process? Will the background check hasten the process?
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