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  1. You can't. It is a public file, so anyone can access it. I just didn't want to add a user or edit it every time someone had an update or new entry, that's the reason I made it available for everyone to access, for convenience. Now I think that was a bad idea, didn't think people would temper with it so carelessly. After all, we are in this journey together.
  2. It looks like i will have to make the spreadsheet private after all. People are so irresponsible
  3. Congratulations and good luck! I hope that everyone’s case gets moving this fast! Please don’t forget to update the spreadsheet once you have your interview date. Thank you
  4. Whoever has been "tweaking" the shared spreadsheet, please make sure you do not mess up the table. We are all welcome to add, edit and correct the spreadsheet, but i have been noticing errors after some edits and please make sure you pay attention and think TWICE before making any additions. Thank you
  5. @Bill & Katya please share your interview experience with us. Thank you. @HuberKimFamily it usually takes 7-10days to get conditionally approved. It took about a week for my wife to get conditionally approved. You might want to contact them. Good luck.
  6. It indeed takes time to catch up with case tracker. I was in a similar situation where CaseTracker said that my i-751 was approved about 2 days before it appeared on the USCIS website.
  7. @MsGazelle400 It means how long till next action on your case. I don't know if it is showing the estimate till your interview to be scheduled or something else. Anyway, your case seems to be moving super fast. Good luck!
  8. I dont think you have to turn in the EAD card. Isn’t it only valid for a year, until you receive the GC?
  9. Happy to see the timeline shifting for everyone after Biometrics appointment. Make sure to keep the table updated, guys.
  10. You are welcome! My case estimate dropped from May 2020 to February 2020 after my biometrics were done as well. But I am still hoping that I will be able to get my citizenship before the end of the year one can only hope, right?
  11. @neoblast @Daisy&Vincent Yes you can. I printed out mine when it became available online and had absolutely no problems with it. Good Luck!
  12. It was working perfectly fine today in the morning. Haven't checked since then, but I think they are still dealing with issues from the scheduled maintenance.
  13. I will try to find them and post them here. I remember one member here received an RFE and had been asked questions about his marriage during the naturalization interview. It all ended well as far as I remember, don't remember the timeline though. As I said, i will try to find the post and provide the link for you.
  14. @spring333 it is not unheard of when they look all the way back into your immigration journey before making a decision on your Naturalization. There are several people here who are in the same boat with you, however, I still dont understand why it is taking them this long to process your RFE response. I would contact them as soon as you are in a "longer than normal" timeline. Hope this all goes well and your Oath Ceremony date will be scheduled before next Friday.
  15. I have seen here that some people have been waiting even longer than the "deadline". Have you tried to contact USCIS? it is weird that it is taking them this long, especially after you passed the test and provided response to an RFE. If you don't mind me asking, what was the RFE for?
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