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  1. Hey @emefcue thanks for share the information! Yes it's been too long. So 1 month aprox 😫
  2. Hola colombianos y peticionarios! Ustedes recibieron el paquete 3/4 que es lo último para la entrevista? Si es así ustedes lo solicitaron, enviaron email preguntando o qué hicieron? O aparecieron a la entrevista sin recibir el famoso paquete? En mi caso no lo han enviado y eso ha obstruido la cita de la entrevista. Toda la información que nos puedan ofrecer sería vital, gracias! Hello Colombians and petitioners! Did you received the 3/4 package which is the last thing for the interview? If so, you requested it, did you send email asking or what did you do? Or just appear doing walk in without received the famous package? In my case they have not sent it and that has obstructed the appointment of the interview. All the information you can give us if vital, thanks!
  3. Hi @Greenbaum, we did all the previous steps until had the date for the interview but previous days we received an email "the interview you scheduled has been canceled, wait for receive instructions packet from us..." so having this looks like they need to send the famous packet and complete (which already we gathered documents, did appointment medical, blood test and finger prints). The BGT case was created in CEAC 19 june 2019 and until now 22 August we haven't received more information, except to cancel the interview appointment we scheduled. Do you have any suggestions you could offer us? It will also be a good idea to call NVC or embassy in Colombia? Thanks.
  4. Thanks @Greenbaum for take your time and explain me. This week I will start doing this!
  5. It's kind of confusing @Hank_ because in the CEAC appears: K Visa Applicants: Please be advised that you must wait for the Packet of Instructions from the Embassy prior to scheduling your appointment. Although your case could appear Ready when you are checking the status in this platform, if you are applying for a K1 (fiancée visa) you need to wait for instructions from the Embassy to continue with the process. As soon as we receive the file from NVC, the Immigrant Visas Unit will send you notification that your case... And we try contact embassy but they don't have answer.
  6. Hi everyone. I have doubt with this letter, could you let me know if this is when NVC received or leave (to embassy in Colombia). Also I'm wondering if I can do something else during this step. The letter was received June 25 2019 how long we should expect for end this k1 process? And I understand in letter say go to our website to learn and prepare... Thanks in advance!
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