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  1. I am need of advice and guidance from those who have undergone a similar situation as ours My brief time line is as follows I am the benificary of us citizen husband 2017 took a customary divorce that is a divorce deed which notarised from my previous husband A notarised divorce deed is valid in indian constitution but unfortunately not in the uscis which we never knew before 2018 married my second husband who is a US citizen and filed my petition on my behalf 0ct 2019 we sent uscis RFE which was a court divorce decree from my previous husband Officially the beneficiary previous mairrage was terminated on 19 th oct 2019 Nov 2019 uscis denied our petition on the base that the benificary was not free legally to marry the petitioner at the time of the petition which was in 2018 we are going to being from the first by re marrying Do we need a decree of nullity that is to nullify the mairrage of the benificary and us petitioner,? Or we I mean the benificary and petitioner can just remaary get a new mairrage liscence without decree of nullity? I am the benificary from India
  2. madhuri27

    NVC to Mumbai

    Oh that's great . this was quick congrats
  3. Hello I am a bit confused My date of birth is 27 /06 1990 I was in Malawi from 1998 till may 2006 I am an Indian national When I left Malawi I was 15 years 11 months and some days old So do I need a police clearance from Malawi I am currently residing in India Thanks
  4. What was the RFE for? I too got a RFE unfortunately I am still waiting for the letter After how many days do they approve the case once we send them the required additional evidence
  5. Did any one get a request for additional evidence for I 130 from USCIS Kindly share the cover letter of it Thanks
  6. @HKS yes I too have the same issue my PD is 24 Aug 2018 this is the one mentioned on the notice too I mean NOA1 buy my USCIS shows a submitted date of 28,Aug 2018. What does this mean?
  7. Hope so fingers crossed plz do pray for all of us that are still waiting for their approval
  8. Congrats . finally your finished the journey of NSC I am still waiting for approval PD 24 Aug
  9. Does the approval list contain only spouse petitions for I 130 or there are family based also? I can't see my recipet number there . but recipept numbers with same date as my PD are approved but mine not. Don't know how they work out. Or is it country specific?
  10. I also at 362 days PD Aug 24 . filed I 129 F on 13 th Aug. Fingers crossed VJ approval estimate also says any day now Hope we hear something soon I guess its just getting too hard to keep patience now
  11. @GAMAJM Saturday they don't work . my husband tried on a Saturday no one picks up instead a computer recording just keeps on going saying call between Monday to friday
  12. Some one on FB from India got approved on 15 th Aug . exactly one year . hope ours too come now .I wish its on the way
  13. Some on fb group from India with PD 15 Aug got approved without K3 So it seems they are working
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