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  1. Oh okay thanks for your information my lawyer she said it's gonna benefits me I don't know I need to wait and see I'm augest 2018 filer
  2. Yeah I understand that but my point is it's gonna give any benefit or credit with the immigration that I got custody for my son and he is under my care?
  3. Why it doesn't apply to me the vawa My son is 2 and half year??
  4. I know but while my son with me And get more evidence that she was abusive for my son i think it will help me Because when i file I just have 5 days to file the vawa and gathered as much as I can from evidence I got more from the divorce what she claims but the divorce court found that she is lying to the immigration and the family court
  5. Finally I got the divorce from wife after almost 2 years in the court and I file the vawa In Augest 2018 and I got 50/50 custody of my so You think the custody will help me in the case the final divorce papers not included in the application??
  6. Yeah I know it takes too long when I files the i360 I was only have 5 days before the deportation started because my ex she was calling the ice everyday to make sure I get deported But I fix it at least before starting the removal procedure
  7. I'm gonna see my immigration lawyer after there trial divorce on June/5th
  8. My wife yes us citizen I applied in August 2018 I have no idea I'm still waiting almost 10 months
  9. I'm sorry for rushing in the request of the questions I'm in a lot of stuff going on from the immigration and the divorce and she put the dv charge against me And I think for the EAD it's class c31
  10. I filed th vawa i-360 08/03/2018 Also with i-360 I filed the i-485 and i-765 My ex withdraw the i-130 on jan2018 First time I filed the i130 in dec2016 When I will got thE EAD Also I have a custody of my son from my ex Please im super worried it takes that long I have the ssn from the school
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