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  1. Thank you!!!! He will regret what he did to me forever. He tried to put me down, I rise. God is sooo goood. ☺️
  2. What proofs of abuse have you submitted prior to the RFE, if you don't mind me asking? I'm just curious. Your case is unusual. Edit: I got confused about @Gheorghexxx post and yours. I was meaning to ask her what documents she submitted as proofs. Sorry. I should be paying more attention who is who. lol
  3. Yes, I was hoping to get c09 EAD in 6-8 months as per the USCIS processing times but it was approved in less than 3 months. It's a blessing!
  4. I think it's the c09 ead because I don't see any update on my i360 on the status tracker, it still says fees are waived. I submitted i360, i485, i765 on the packet.
  5. I submitted i1360, i485, and EAD. Planning to send AP as well. Fingers crossed.
  6. Thank you so much!!! You are such a blessing to me and to others here. I am full of fears and sorrow when I submitted my i360 and even contemplating of withdrawing it since my husband is still playing me and manipulating my emotions, but glad I didn't cancel it. God is showing me signs and telling me to move forward and don't look back because he will help us get through it!!!!!
  7. May 28 I360 Receipt Date July 19 Biometrics July 22 Prima Facie Aug 15 EAD Approved I'm so joyful right now. My heart is full.
  8. I’d like to share some more good news!!!! So today I got a notification that my i360 ead was approved after 2.5 months wait. I truly believe the officer who interviewed me on my marriage based i485 3 days ago made it all happen!!! Glory to God!!!! Hopefully, more angels to help each and everyone of us. 😊
  9. Thanks for the support. So glad I found this group. In the end, we’ll get good karma and bad karma for them. We just need to think positive and keep faith. 💪🏼
  10. Yes, dear!!! Thank you so much. I was literally crying a river and praising God and thanking the officer repeatedly when he said that. Perhaps they had a meeting after I left and decided to hold the judge’s ruling on withdrawn affidavit of support. Thankfully, the officer was able to see how much of a liar and deceitful he is. He was waiting in front of USCIS and waiting for me to finish my interview. The officer escorted me and told the guards to watch me until I was able to get in my Uber. Hopefully, the Vermont IO is the same. Praise Jesus!!!
  11. Just an update. I went to my i485 marriage based interview today. My husband was already there when I got there and he requested to talk to the officer in private first. The IO called me separately after an hour and asked me questions about the relationship. I showed him the i360 and prima facie and proofs of the abuse. After the interview, he told me that he believes it was a genuine marriage and that I was abused, and it’s very rare but he will still approve the petition. He said my story looks more accurate and believable than what my husband told him. He said I should get my green card in the mail in 1-2 weeks. I thought that was the end of it. I was crying and praising Jesus that moment. I got a call from him 2 hours later, he said that there was a judge ruling in 2018 that says they cannot approve adjustments if the affidavit of support is withdrawn. My husband withdrew the affidavit of support. He said that he will put the case under Administrative closure. It's not approved, not denied but I'm not under removal proceedings or anything like that and still valid to work. He said just wait for the VAWA adjudication and based on my story he doesn't see any reason why it will be denied so just be patient. Hopefully, some more good news soon. I’m still thankful to everyone who prayed for me and especially to God. Prayers move mountains.
  12. I can totally relate to this. They think we are a drama queen because they are best actors in hiding their true colors. They don’t realize the mental torture and anguish we had to deal with everyday. He is also threatening to attend our interview next week and said he will ask for a separate one himself and talk about me. I pray that God give us more strength in this difficult times.
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