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  1. Also they only sent one copy. It says it’s valid for multiple entries. Was wondering if they will get the original copy at the port of entry.
  2. I have a quick question. My AP was mailed to me today and there’s a separate page with my picture and a blank parole stamp box. To those people who have travelled with their AP, is that supposed to be blank? Is it stamped on the port of entry? Do they take it or we keep it? Thanks in advance
  3. Good evening everyone! Is there anyone here with a template of notarized change of address and cover letter format for sending additional evidence to Vermont? Please and thank you!
  4. “I ran out of the house barefoot and called 911.“ - THIS! 😭😭😭 Brings back memories. Start writing a journal! Stay strong girl!!! I will pray for you. Whatever it takes hold your ground!!!! 🙏
  5. The length of the marriage is irrelevant. I learned from my counselor that on average, a woman will leave an abusive relationship 7 times before she leaves for good but it's not always the case because it usually escalates. Some people are smart enough to leave on the first or second instance of abuse. The VAWA unit is trained to see the pattern and knows all the statistics. Some people are smart enough to leave before they end up with a major injury or before they completely lose their dignity and self respect waiting for the person who is supposed to take care and love them to treat them better.
  6. You should send her this... https://americandreamlawoffice.com/fifth-circuit-rules-that-vawa-does-not-trump-k-1-bar/
  7. I was told that it "may" speed up the process if you have police reports or a restraining order but it's not a requirement. I know someone who doesn't have any other strong evidence, no psychological evaluation or a police report, but a well written affidavit. She filed VAWA in 2016 and got approved. These people are trained to see the pattern of abuse. Quality > Quantity. Also, God sees your pain. He is on your side.
  8. I submitted fbi fingerprint card and fbi background check to Vermont. If your question is about the biometrics appointment, yes I did have my biometrics appointment on July 19, 2019 and I got EAD approved on Aug 15, 2019. Hope it helps!
  9. Just recently discovered this site and thought it would help a sister. If you need a copy of your spouse's birth certificate to prove citizenship, marriage record, or divorce record, you can order it through this website. No consent required. https://www.vitalchek.com/vital-records
  10. @natalysmile I used the same A# I was assigned as K1 too.
  11. I think you're in a good spot! I only sent police reports (he was arrested ), restraining order, a letter from my domestic violence counselor, shelter records, screenshots of his messages containing verbal abuse and immigration threats, my personal declaration and my witnesses (neighbors). I sent pictures from the past 3 years with family and friends (20+) with dates when they were taken, marriage cert, his birth cert, and house lease with both our names. I received Prima Facie in 2 months, EAD in 2.5 months. I just filed late May2019. Goodluck to us!
  12. @Stillwinning!!!😊 @FeDaniela I am leaning towards listening to her since she invested so much time in me. I got a free attorney from the legal aide. I'm just missing my family so much but then I don't want to take any risks
  13. I asked my attorney again if I can file AP on my own because she is really against travelling. She told me that I would have to sign a disclaimer if I wanted to proceed with filing AP in case my VAWA was denied as a result of the trip. I'm totally lost. I know a lot of people here have travelled with AP, but I also don't want her to feel I'm disrespecting her wishes. @sandranj I sent you a PM. Please help!!!!
  14. Thank God, I was worried my medical is gonna go to waste. My attorney asked me to submit medical exam along with i360 and i485. I will only need to do another medical exam if my case processing is over 2 years. (Fingers crossed)
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