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  1. Yes like must VJ members already stated, I would go with CR1 over K-1. I started with K1 because it was quicker, but in the end, the CO denied my wife a visa. I had to Restart from the beginning with CR1 process. Depending on the country, and how long your relationship has been going on. This round was much easier during my wife’s interview!!! Good luck to you both!!!
  2. Both of them Will received if both emails were provided. My wife and I both received emails from NVC..
  3. Hi @Sea Leslie so to answer your question.. It depends on the Country I think..I submitted all my required documents on 10/4/19, it was accepted, on 10/7/19 I got a Message on the CEAC website saying that all my documents I submitted has been approved.. On 10/8/19 I received an email saying “Notice regarding your Immigrant Visa Case becoming Documentarily Qualified”. This is what you should receive if NVC approved all ur required documents... at this point u just wait until the Embassy schedules for an Interview Date... I waited about a month, then my Interview letter came.. 11/12/19 I received my Interview letter telling me my scheduled interview at the Embassy.. They usually schedule interviews a month out... This was my timeline after all documents were accepted... Good luck to you and everyone else that’s in this same boat!!!!
  4. I would not purchase your tickets yet. Even if your case was at the embassy and is ready for interview, a US visa is not guarantee. You will not know until after your interview!! So to answer your question... don’t buy tickets in advance!!!
  5. At least you’re already at the interview stage.. U are way closer than I am. Hang on you’re almost there.. compared to my case it’s still in the hands of Nebraska.. I wish I was in your place. I miss my wife very much and I agree.. it’s frustrating.. and at times I don’t know how much patience I have left....
  6. Unlockable, my brother lives in Thailand. and Going through, yes I am USC... thanks for the info.
  7. Thank you.. and yes I did do a little research and the evidence says birth certificate of myself and the sibling.. which I don’t have..
  8. Hello VJ members, I am pretty new here and would like some guidance on getting my brother who lives in Thailand to the US. will I be able to sponsor my brother to the US if.. 1. We don’t have any proof of being brother, not that I know of.. only DNA test... We were separated when we were very little. We have been in contact for about 6 years now. I have gone to see him and his family 3 times. My question is: besides a birth certificate, what other form of evidence can I use to support my case? I’m not sure where to begin in terms of evidence because he has a different last name. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thank you Lis
  9. No the OC didn’t tell me the specifics of why it was denied. He said thank you for coming to interview today according to the information you answered today and your proofs, I’m unable to give a VISA at this time. I am not saying that ur case is a fraud but there has been many cases that have abused the system where they are just trying to get into the US. If you want to continue this relationship, I advise you to apply for the I-130, Petition for Alien Relative(Spouse). Not sure if it’s correct but I have heard that the K1 in Laos as been put on hold. So anyone doing the K1 in Laos might have a small chance of getting a visa approved. But every country is different. So I decided to apply for the I-130- CR1. Now just trying to waiting patiently..
  10. Laos is also a high fraud County. My Fiancée K1 was denied at the Embassy in Vientiane,Laos. Even though our relationship was pure, with a high fraud cases the CO denied it. I know a few K1 case that was also denied a visa at the Embassy in Laos. K1 is very hard to get approved in Laos. Now waiting for our NOA2-CR1. Good luck to you both!!
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