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  1. I also found this...however the applicant statement is for immigrant--not k1...so I'm unsure..... ThankS
  2. For those who actually have any feedback regarding Guyana payment---please share if you can. Thank You!
  3. i dont consider it anything--just sarcasm....you requested where I got it from and I merely supplied. Thank you for your feedback.
  4. Let me know if you need more 'evidence'....smh.......
  5. Hello, I need some answers regarding the following: 1. I submitted (last week) the non-immigrant visa application....It was received (and generated a bar code ID #) and is in "No Status" as of today... How long generally for an answer? 2. When do I submit the Affidavit of Support or I134 Form? Now? Do I bring it with me to the interview? 3. How do I pay for the visa app? Who do I pay? (I saw some old posts where payment needs to be done in person? And there were some people sending money with strangers to pay for them....this I find sooo weird) BTW: Our Interview will be in Georgetown, Guyana as my SO is Cuban. Thanks and have a great day!
  6. Regarding my K1 Visa...I just received the email from the US Embassy that they have received our case #....they also sent attachments and next step instructions (visa app fee, interview scheduling, etc.) I noticed when I looked at the attached I-129 Form with the approval stamp that it says the petition expires on 11-15-2018.....???? It should be 2019. Should I bring this to NVCs attention or USCIS? Should I leave it alone? Bring it to the CO's attention at interview? I don't think there is a number for USCIS to contact. Please advise....tkx.
  7. Hello, My SO is Cuban....We received our NOA2 Approval and are now gathering last minutes items. Was instructed by NVC Agent to not do anything until we are instructed to do so by American Embassy in Georgetown, Guyana. Does his Cuban birth certificate need to be translated to English? Thanks!
  8. I searched this site and found partial answers to the question that I have regarding the I134 Form (Affidavit of Support). The Form's instructions list nothing about submitting Tax Transcripts.....It asks for: 1. Statement from Bank stating....date account opened....total amount deposited for past year and, present balance. 2. Letter from Employer on Co. Letterhead stating.....date and nature of employment, salary and whether position is temp or perm..... 3. Self-Employment tax return...... 4. Serial number of bonds and name of record owner I see nothing about transcripts yet I'm reading people who say transcripts suffice and can be used in lieu of bank info..... My concern is that during this process my bank account has gone up, down, up etc (mostly due to my relationship with my Cuban SO, AND my sending money to my own family in CUBA as well--I'm Cuban American, and helping my daughter with Nursing school)......I meet the income requirements though....as indicated in my 3 years of tax transcripts that I pulled from the IRS website..... Do you think my low balances will hurt? Thanks!
  9. Hi Everyone, Perhaps it's just me.....reading this site can be a little overwhelming.....so forgive me if the answer to my question is already here....just be a dear and point/shove me in the right direction.☺️ My petition was approved.....Am I receiving a case # from NVC in the mail? Can I call some automated line to inquire with NVC if received my petition and if a case # has been assigned? All I have at this point is my petition #. Please advise...thanks and have a great day!
  10. Sigh.....so.... I'm just realizing that there is a typo/variation between my birth certificate and all of my other legal IDs... Both my parents were Cuban/US Naturalized Citizens. My Fiancee (beneficiary) is Cuban. My birth certificate says 'Carolyn', but my parents used/always called me by the Spanish version "Carolina'. My Driver's licence, US Passport, University Transcripts, Divorce Decree, Utilities Bills, etc. all state 'Carolina'. When the divorce judge asked me what name I would like to use I chose 'Carolina' because that's all I've ever used, and...I thought that final decree would suffice to correct the birth certificate. Found out today from vital records that I need a 'name change decree' from a judge.....which is another $500 plus at least a 2-3 month wait. Note:I DID include variations of name spelling in our original petition submitted back in April. We received our I129F/NOA2, two weeks ago. Our case is now processing in NVC. Should I just go with it and explain (along with all supporting documentation, etc.) during the interview?
  11. Hi, Thanks for responding/feedback.... I actually just looked at similar timelines for Cuba (new to this site and keep forgetting the 'timeline resources' ).... Looking at other Cuba timelines now...it looks like similar 'journey' completion appear to be around 8-10 months...More or less. USCIS's official website says that the estimated processing times for K1 approvals from the California Service Center is 5--7.5 months.....Our approval arrived in a little over 3 months.....so....seems like we're ahead of schedule based on the governments' schedule. All we can do is remain hopeful...... Make a great day!
  12. So.....I received notification this morning when I checked our 'status' on USCISs website that our I129F K1 Petition was approved on the 17th.....96 days....😊 Does anyone out there know if the next steps towards the actual interview will be 'shorter' in length?, or will it take another 3+ months? My SO resides in Cuba...me in Atlanta, GA We are soooo hoping to be together for the holidays....🤨
  13. Good Morning MVJ Community, My question is regarding my SO living in Cuba. As we await our approval, we try to remain positive, patient and proactive... Since the cost of healthcare in Cuba is free--or extremely minimal, we both thought it would be a good idea for him to get his vaccinations, dental exam, etc. while waiting in Cuba.....especially the vaccinations, as I'm reading that in Guyana (where his medical exam and interview will be held) the exam is expensive if there is no evidence of previous vaccinations. Note: It appears these select Guyanese doctors have 'caught on' to a rather lucrative opportunity to generate revenue--especially since the list of 'approved' Guyanese doctors is rather slim. My question is.....do you think external vaccination proof would come under 'scrutiny' by the CO/doctor? Should I just 'bite the bullet' and pay to have vaccines done in Guyana? My SO (nor him mom) can't recall which vaccinations he had...and Cuba's record keeping going back is rather 'spotty'...especially during his younger years 😲...He's 48 years YOUNG ....lol.....was thinking to just have him do it all in Cuba for free...thoughts? Have a great day!
  14. Jay and Ashley......Ashley and Jay.....lol--I don't even know where to begin with this one.... With most of us here sincerely trying to reunite with significant others.....I look at this couple and wonder how USCIS didn't see the red flags. Jay is a 20 year old child--at best. It is clear he does not have nor ever had the mental proclivity for what is considered to be appropriate adult behavior. He couldn't even 'fake' it long enough as he was busted using a dating app less than a week after he and Ashley married. Then there is Ashley....smh......They say Ashley is 32 years old....What would a 32 year old single mother of two (with a chronic illness/Lupus and Kidney Failure) see in a 20 year old boy??? !! I understand Ashley wants to pursue other 'reality' TV shows. That doesn't surprise me. What does surprise me is that their K1 visa was ever approved. Now Nicole and Azan.....wait--I need a glass of wine for that one !😉
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