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  1. On our wedding day my grandmother passed away overseas and the funeral is scheduled for the end of the month. We had all our forms completed and packaged waiting for copy of the marriage license which we received on 1/6/20. Our package went out on 1/7/20 and we included a letter asking for expedite based on the death of my grandmother and the need to attend the funeral overseas. Clearly, we didn't have a receipt number as that was our initial submission. Wondering if USCIS will acknowledge the expedite request or we should be prepared to call again as soon as we receive the receipt number. We asked for the both the EAD and AP to be expedited in hopes of getting the combo card. I know too many immigrants who have had trouble re-entering the country on the passport stamped AP and would really like to avoid any issues.
  2. Jaysaldi, you stated your opinion in your initial response as if it was a fact. Anyone can create a reddit profile claiming to be whoever they want so that carries no weight. You have now written a bunch of assumptions as a way of supporting/defending your position. The OP did not enter any of those facts, they merely asked about affidavits. To be clear, I am not asking you to change your opinion of the value of any piece of evidence but you should state when something is your opinion and not facts. The fact that you spend unlimited time on the site answering a bunch of post to achieve your "Diamond Member" or "Supreme Member" or whatever arbitrary designation this site creates, doesn't make you or any other similarly situated members experts but some people using the site may be mislead by these statuses so it important that you are upfront when you state an opinion. Further, most of the "experts" on here are only familiar with the countries their SO emigrated from but continue to respond to specific countries with general information. BTW, an affidavit is a sworn statement and I can't speak for the integrity or veracity of people I don't know but they would be rather foolish to provide the government with a sworn statement they knew to be false as that is a crime. The frequent fliers on here are all so defensive when anyone challenges your positions or opinions. None of you are immigration officers, lawyers or experts so relax, it is ok to be wrong. You all have a great night, feel free to continue the debate among yourselves, my point is sufficiently made.
  3. "typically affidavits are the least desired type of relationship evidence and carry very little weight" That is simply not true for a number of reasons. The USCIS specifically lists affidavits as among the type of evidence they would like to see, almost my entire family are immigrants so I have filed many applications personally as well as assisted others with their applications and affidavits carry weight, regardless of the foregoing, the embassy in Guyana routinely asks for them for Cuban nationals, as did the embassy in Havana before it closed.
  4. This is a great thread. There is also a facebook group dedicated to the immigration process with Cuban significant others. Lots of specific helpful information and a lot of feedback. Anyone interested in finding it please send me a message. VJ is a great resource but is not always as detailed as is needed.
  5. you do need to show either you birth certificate or your passport for Guyana, it is on the checklist. I would just take whatever you have that explains the discrepancy. Also, I would offer the passport as proof of citizenship at the interview, let them specifically ask for the birth certificate. There is a facebook group of about 200 of us with Cuban significant others who are all in the process at various stages including the people who have already completed the process all the way through citizenship, we all share information and answer Cuba process specific questions. If you would like to join, send me a message and I'll send you the name.
  6. Email the embassy using the visageorge address listed on the embassy's website and on your NVC letter. You may request a specific date but there is no guarantee they will be able to accommodate the interview on that date but they will try. Two others that I know I asked for special accommodations that were granted. One ask for a Friday interview because of work commitments and received it but she had to wait longer for her interview. One other had an issue that prevented travel and asked for a 6 month deferral and that was also granted so it can be done. Both sent emails to the embassy requesting the changes.
  7. Call NVC until you get a live person, they will give you the case number. Also, go to their webpage and use the contact form to send them the email address where you would like to receive communication. I called and received my case number and about a week later I received the email, we both did because I asked them to use both email addresses. Maybe 2 weeks later the hardcopy came in the mail. I listed my address as his mailing address so it came to my house but it was addressed to him. Hope that helps.
  8. Are you able to get a refund if she uses the initial leg of the ticket? If not, I would cancel and buy her 1 way to Guyana now and then a 1-way back to Cuba on the morning of her flight to Guyana so you're not out the money. You are already going to pay a premium for the last minute one-way ticket to the US so not losing the other ticket $ is a good thing.
  9. She does need a return ticket, Cuban immigration won't allow her to depart without a return ticket and Guyana will want to know that she has a return ticket or a forward ticket out of their country. Buy the return ticket the morning of her flight to Guyana and cancel it after she lands. It can take up to 5 business days (some people waited 6 business days others only 1) to receive the passport and visa back so either plan in advance to be in Guyana for that period of time and buy tickets to the US in advance or buy the ticket once they return her passport.
  10. Send the chats, I would highlight your discussions regarding money for them- where you guys made plans for future expenditures, your offer and her refusal for other money. In your letter you can explain it further. if she's financially stable and didn't need any assistance from you explain that and maybe have her present her means of supporting herself. You are certainly not required to send anyone money. Document the trips well, her spending 3 months with you here is great evidence of the relationship- do you have pictures, receipts for things you did while she was here? Can you get statements from friends and family stating that they met her while she was here and knows of the relationship?
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