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  1. Can we all just agree to disagree on traceability? The thread is devolving into a debate about a tangential issue instead of focusing on the original reason for the post- what if any delays may come from the request for the information. We won't know that until people who provide the information tell us their experience.
  2. Not any more than simply documenting that someone arrived in the country. That does not show that they met, just that he entered the country. The photos and chats are corroborating evidence of the meeting and timing.
  3. Actually that's not why they want the information. It is for national security reasons. Don't get me wrong they want to prevent fraud but protecting the hearts of Americans is not on their priority list. I'm also fairly sure they will not be searching accounts and using the "forgot password" option to snoop around. They don't have the manpower for that and they would violate multiple laws with those actions. similarly, accounts that are private and cannot be viewed will not have to made public just so the embassy can see it. They are interested in anti-american sentiments and of course if they see fraud they would act on it but fraud isn't the reason for the inquiry.
  4. I also see the potential for holdups over simple mistakes. Five years is a long time when we are talking about technology. For example I have email addresses I have long forgotten and no longer use, some people make multiple social media profiles because they forgot the password and don't have access to backup email to reset. Some people create multiple profiles for different reasons, for example I have 2 linkedin profiles, one for my daily profession and one for a hobby profession. I just think of all the platforms that are no longer around or popular, how would people even remember their handles for those.
  5. Printed couple of photos per page labeled with dates and people included when it wasn't just the two of us. I included my airline confirmation emails because I also did not have paper boarding passes, my passport pages with entrance stamps and a few pages of chat logs over the 2 year period when discussed time of airport pickup, our reservations and the "I got home safely" check-in chats. Maybe overkill but I think taken together it shows that we clearly met in person.
  6. Tough one, I would get one from each. The old job shows stability of income over the long-term and the new job which is really your current income at the time of her interview, shows the continuation of your ability to provide support. This is just my opinion so don't take it as gospel.
  7. you just list your portion and if there is still a mortgage list just the proportional share of the mortgage.
  8. We have seen each other in person 5 times in the last 2 years and I chose to document all 5 but kept it simple, I included 2-3 pictures per meeting, copies of my flight itineraries, a copy of my passport pages with the entrance stamps and a few chat logs arranging logistics for pick-up from the airport and saying I'm back home.
  9. I would also include the pictures of both of you and if you have any texts or social media chats between the two of you discussing the trip.
  10. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-immigration-visa/trump-administration-approves-tougher-visa-vetting-including-social-media-checks-idUSKBN18R3F8?fbclid=IwAR3Jp05Fgrs5cKj7fVNvWqxejHf3JFak92uhlL2ktRM2xh7QeC8poJKEPL0 I'm sure we have all seen the updates about the new social media disclosure policy. I am pondering the effect it will have, if any, on the timeline for processing visas. Hoping someone with an interview after the implementation can give us an update.
  11. No just use the space provided on the application and keep it brief then attach you proof of the meeting(s).
  12. I kept our statement bare bones. 1-2 sentences on how we met , including the date and each date on which we next saw each other, it all fit on space provided on the application. In the packet I also included photos of us together and with our families and friends, copies of my flight itineraries and passport pages with stamps, we message each other all day long so when I downloaded the chat record it was almost 8,000 pages for a 2-year period. I selected only a few pages before and after each trip where we discussed the trip.
  13. I think you are going to need a co-sponsor. About 15 years ago I sponsored my mom while I was a senior in college and although I had assets that were 5 times the 125% of the applicable poverty line and had a job letter, they asked for a co-sponsor. I had my Senator intervene and the explanation they gave his office was that it would create too much of a hardship if I had to liquidate my assets (real estate) and that job letter didn't provide sufficient history.
  14. She should probably wait for the statement/letter and use those numbers so it is consistent.
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