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  1. So every morning I check the USCIS App to see if there were any updates over the night. I then check the informed delivery, which I am not always very hopeful about if the app is not showing anything. This morning I checked the app and saw no updates and then the informed delivery came through. I checked the the informed delivery and saw that there is a letter coming from USCIS! I then decided to check the website just to make sure.....and......WE ARE APPROVED!!! I wanted to let everyone know because this community of Marchies is so helpful if you have not received news yet, true tme...it will come. Thanks Marchies for all your support! NOA1 March 15 NOA2 June 12
  2. This is GREAT NEWS! I say this knowing that you have been waiting here along with us and it is so hopeful to see other Marchies getting updates. I have come to the conclusion that RFE is actually a good thing and I would welcome it because it means they are conditionally approving assuming you address their concerns. Congrats, now celebrate!
  3. That is helpful to know. Yes, it can be so discouraging but there are many of us still waiting. I am following about 20 others cases on the case tracker app so it helps me to feel like I am not the only one
  4. Yes, I know...I ma visiting my Fiancee in two weeks and we were REALLY hoping to have some news before then. Knowing there are still Marchies out there gives me hope!
  5. Alright, show of hands, who is still on this thread and waiting for their NOA 2? I am NOA 1 March 15
  6. I had the same text!!! What does this mean everyone?? I have never gotten ANYTHING from USCIS So I am feeling hopeful about any kind of communication 🙃
  7. I am in the same boat. Was really hoping for an NOA 2 in June but looks like we will be fine the July group of Marchies 🙃 Hoping for some good news next week but with it being the 4th of July week, I am not too hopeful.
  8. I agree 100000% I am NOA1 March 15th waiting has been really challenging lately. I know we should be grateful about the processing speeds but when I see others getting approved I keep hoping my time will come. Keep the faith everyone and we will get there as well!
  9. Alright everyone! This is the week! I am hoping for all of us March filers to get notification this week of our approval NOA 1 March 15th Here we go!
  10. I am an NOA1 March 15th and think there are quite a few of us. Don’t worry and have faith, it will happen soon!
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