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  1. I have heard that the pilot program is over and now it’s back to normal processing times?
  2. A lot of people make a week long trip out to Montreal. That’s what we’ll be doing since my husband lives in a Calgary. It’s easier than making 2 trips. They get their medical there about a week before the interview. But if she lives near one of the other medical locations she can just go there for that. But look up the processing times for when you can get your medical paperwork back, I think each place is a little different. While you’re waiting for the visa to go through, she will just need to bring proof that she’s going back while visiting. Things like a letter from work and her mortgage should be good. She has to prove ties to Canada. And I would definitely look into the whole working in Canada while living in the US thing further. So so envious you only live 45min away from each other! That would make the long wait for the visa so much easier! Good luck!
  3. Was yours done in Texas? Because that would discount the Nebraska theory.
  4. I'm not 100% sure, but if she lives in another country, that could change the process/timelines for immigration a bit. I don't really know how it works if you move to another country while in the process of applying (like, if she'll have to go to the consulate from her home country or in the new country). One thing to note, if she moved to Canada and ended up having to finish the process there (IE medical and interview), should would have to go to the Montreal consulate for this. What I've been reading (since my husband is Canadian), is that they have very long wait times for the interviews right now. I'm seeing 6+ months after I-130 approval in some cases. Every place is different. And, unfortunately, you won't get too much sympathy on VJ for finding ways to be with your spouse sooner. We're all going through the same thing, and if there were easy ways to be together faster than 1-2yrs, we would all do it. The process is tough and there is little wiggle room. My husband and I have been living in separate countries since we started dating almost 4 years ago, we're not happy about the long wait for the visa either, but it is what it is and every day we're one day closer to finally living together. It's tough, sure, but this will all feel like a distance memory one day.
  5. I added the location, month & year of the photo. It doesn't really add much in the way of evidence as you can literally write down any date you want, but it helps form a timeline. Adding the details doesn't hurt. For me it helped layout a timeline of our relationship and it showed us in front of a lot of iconic places which helps show that we spend time together in person and correlates back to the plan ticket stubs. I think it's one of those things where providing more details doesn't hurt you, but providing the bare minimum might lead to more questions. I once got a visa for England years ago. When I showed up for my interview, the couple in front of me was very unorganized. They didn't have much evidence and it was all scattered. They were called into a little room. When I went up there with my ridiculous binder which was categorized with labeled tabs, they quickly went through it, checked off a few things, then told me to sit down and wait for my visa. So now I always try to organize everything, label it, and make sure it's easy to sort through (without going overboard).
  6. You weren't living together, just visiting. In the visa processing world it's very common for someone to have never lived with their spouse. A lot of us on here are waiting for our visas so that we can live with our spouses for the first time (like me ). You never living with your spouse is not suspicious to them.
  7. This is where you’re supposed to mail it. I mailed mine out to the address above last Monday and got the receipt in the mail today. It went to Texas just like my I-130. They'll send it where it needs to go. 😊
  8. Yes, it was via cargo ship, it only took like 3 weeks. But considering my 3000 mile move from coast to coast was only $2000 with way more than what my husband is sending, $5000 seems really steep for his 1200 mile move. But since I posted this, he shopped around a lot and we have had much better quotes. It seems like the people who were quoting $5000 just didn't want to take on the job.
  9. I have that issue too. Try deleting your cookies. Also, as others have said, myUSCIS works better. It only takes a few minutes to setup an account.
  10. I had about 30 boxes and that's what my husband has to ship down, he's not bringing any furniture or kitchen stuff, just personal belongings. When I moved from New Jersey to California a few years ago it was about $2k and I brought way more stuff. That's why $5k seemed really steep for what little stuff he was bringing. But I think he decided to rent a UHAUL and bring it down himself when he moves since he's not pressed for time.
  11. Before just dropping everything and leaving the country, should she look into divorce first? I know every country/state has different rules. If it were me, I'd want to make sure that I didn't return to my home country only to find out that I can't file for divorce there and have to go back to do so, or to appear in court. Also, would it be worth her going to her local embassy for guidance? I was in a similar situation when living in the UK (though I had ILR visa), I found a lot of support at the US Embassy, even if they just pointed me in the right direction and helped me understand my rights. I'm not saying she should do any of the above, I'm asking if those are things she could/should consider?
  12. I’m guessing it was for an IOE filing. I’ve seen this a lot on here, it’s part of a new pilot electronic filing process that they’re testing for I-130s now. They’re getting approved in like 2 months. I’m so bummed I didn’t wait a few weeks to file now.
  13. My husband is getting ready to list his house in Canada and wants all of his stuff out for staging. Is it possible for him to send his belongings down to me before he has his visa? Also, can anyone recommend any good moving companies? He's just moving some boxes and he's been quoted $5000+, which seems crazy as I once moved from London to the US for $800. Thanks in advance!
  14. Thanks I understand now. I had 10 years in mind because they mentioned “10 years” on USCIS. Which I initially read back in 2010/2011. That number stuck with me. That’s why I thought it was 10 years. https://www.uscis.gov/greencard/affidavit-support
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