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  1. I am not sure what DQ is... also, our case was K1 visa not IR 1 visa. So I am not sure how long it’s going to take. But I believe you will get an interview way faster than K1 visas are at the moment.
  2. I believe they are doing expedited k1 interviews, and just normal IR 1 interviews.
  3. Yes ... the creation date changed it went from refused to AP and it went from immigrant to non-immigrant
  4. Hi guys! God is great. My fiancées visa has finally been issued after 19 months of being in administrative processing. Couldn’t be happier! thank you visa journey... I would always come in here for support, and there would be some people on here that would really help.
  5. Hello everyone... So my fiancée had a interview November 5, 2020 and after his interview they took his passport and told us send them 3 pieces of documents and once they get that they will continue processing the visa. I believe they have received all 3 documents and we have been checking our status on ceac. they have been updating it 2/3 days in a row. and today when we checked, it went from Immigrant to non immigrant, and it also went from refused to administrative processing. What does this mean? Does anything have a similar experience?
  6. Yes he is his biological son. Well then I am not sure what’s going on... but the embassy said we were approved for NIE. We were in administrative processing for 18 months. Can you get approved for NIE if you are under administrative processing?
  7. I have, my fiancée hasn’t gotten his visa as of yet. They are still waiting on a few documents to get to them. We were approved for NIE because I am pregnant with a high-risk. I also have a 1.5 year old so my fiancée who is in Germany has a US citizen child under 21, which was one of the exceptions from the travel ban.
  8. My fiancée had his interview in March 2019 and was put under administrative processing for 18 months. He just had his second interview last week, and again we are still waiting to hear back from the embassy, and he is yet to get his visa. He lives in Germany and his interview was in Germany. But because he is an Afghan National and has visited Pakistan a couple of times within the last 10 years, he was put under administrative processing and we waited so long. Not to make you feel bad but it will probably be a while before you hear anything from the embassy. It really sucks we have to go through this but it’s the sad reality. Anyway I wish you the best and I hope you hear something real soon.
  9. Aww thanks, appreciate it. Means a lot. I hope you are able to get an interview soon, and re-United with your loved one as well.
  10. Well, my fiancée went to his interview. But was missing the medical exam and police certificate. I am pretty sure it has reached the embassy by now but how are we suppose to know for sure that it has or hasn’t... so now we are just waiting again!! It’s really draining. I am due to give birth in about a week. And am so stressed as to how I will take care of 2 kids under 2 by myself.
  11. Oh I see! Insha Allah you will hear something good soon. I know how hard it can be and I will keep you in my prayers.
  12. Yeah that’s the attitude! Don’t mind anyone that puts you down. How long did you wait in AP after the first interview? Have you tried emailing the embassy to get a case status update? What are they saying?
  13. It’s alright, don’t mind the negative comments/people on here. There are a few that are like this on here and make you feel worse than you already do and then there are a few that make me feel happy. Just stay positive and you’ll hear some good news soon. I am currently in the same situation and no one will understand unless they have been through a really long AP. It is extremely difficult. I am getting very anxious because my fiancée had his second interview this past Thursday and now the consulate is waiting for the medical and police certificate to get to them.
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