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  1. Oh man this stuff really sucks! How come you guys submitted the missing documents so late?
  2. Will do! Yeah I never said it wasn’t clear lol. Thanks
  3. Not exactly sure... but I thought this site was for that... to ask questions or ask for advice... but I guess not. And I don’t think you really understood the question or my point. I never said I wasn’t going to send it. I just wanted to know because I already sent them it in March.
  4. I have a question about the K1 visa. I am currently petitioning my fiancé and he is undergoing administrative processing. The petition expired on Friday and they asked us to send an intent to marry letter. We already sent one in March, do we have to send another one? Do we have to keep on sending one every four months even though the case is undergoing administrative processing?
  5. How can I find my senators or congressman’s contact information?
  6. Thank you for your response and putting it in such details. It sure has been a long journey for you and your family. But thank God it’s all over and yes all glory to the Almighty God. He works in mysterious ways and everything happens for the best and for a reason. Again, congrats. And please pray for me and my fiancé as we are going through administrative processing right now and it’s really difficult. Just trying to be patient and calm through it all. Good luck and be safe.
  7. Wow, congrats. I get really happy when I hear successful stories on here. Why were you guys put on AP in the first place if you don’t mind me asking.
  8. By the way, did they send this letter after your interview or before your interview?
  9. You should contact them and see why they denied/refused your visa. They can’t just deny your visa and not give you any reasons. If I were you I would definitely contact them and see why it was denied. Best of luck. These things can really get exhausting and frustrated. Keep your head high. Again, sorry to hear you got denied.
  10. Omg so sorry to hear that. That really sucks. You should try contacting them to see why it was returned to NVC and what happened
  11. Don’t worry, our good friend roel always has something smart to say.
  12. Hello, I just have a question about administrative processing... when it is advised to wait 90 days before making a inquiry about your case, is that including weekends or just the weekdays? Thanks
  13. In your opinion, what do you think being “too married” would be ?
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