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  1. Yeah you should take everything that is listed and you need to take the originals. When you go into the office they have your packet of what you submitted in front of them, but they do ask to see originals sometimes. Our clients take a folder with them with original copies , and we usually photocopy the whole AOS packet before we send it and then have a copy of it at the interview. We do tell clients sometimes to take extra items if we feel they need extra things to bolster their case. For example, If AOS through spouse and AOS was submitted with Family petition we usually tell clients to take some more updates documents that have both their names on it especially if have no kids. Doesn’t hurt at all.
  2. @Rita Rocha From me experience RFE's always have this line in them that state something like include this letter with your submission. My questions I guess would be if you can't get a hold of the letter how will you know what the RFE is asking for? Usually, my format is something like a cover letter, then the RFE letter they send, and then the evidence requested. A good practice is to make copies of everything sent. I do it to cover my ground and so I can have evidence of what was submitted. Then we deliver it USPS in those 7.65 dollar flat rate envelopes, which give you tracking numbers, so you can make sure it was delivered before their deadline.
  3. (C) I always kind of viewed RFE's that way. Just make sure to address every issue that they touch on. At my job I'm in charge of what they consider complex RFE's that usually come from gathering criminal reports, or proving hardship on the waivers that then need to go through consular processing. Just cover everything, be concise, and be organized. This has never failed me and sometimes I was scared about denials, because sometimes it would involve very late registered birth certificates (they really have issues with that), Adam Walsh Act cases, etc... However, usually when you answer the RFE you will get a pretty fast response, because you are right they have it on their desk already and reviewing it. Unless, it is a complex issue they will literally just be like it will take some time and hand it over to a supervisor and thats when it can lag, but I think you will be good, but yeah if you can share what they ask for I'm sure people in this community will be able to help you and give suggestions.
  4. @Greenbaum you are so friendly and have cool sense of humor 😃thank you for good advice, was so nice from you 🙂
  5. This message for people who like me just checking this chat to see if something new here and see nothing 🙄 So I'm not informative but a new message 👋😅
  6. After everyone's responses about no updates by any electrical means, the highlight of my day now includes getting off work to check my mailbox. However, the worst part of day follows a minute later when I see nothing waiting for me besides a stack of bills lol.
  7. Just wanted to say hello..I notice that our fiances are from the same place and we have such a similar timeline. Your case was received just one day before mine. Wishing you the best of luck. I also lived in Ohio for 3 years while I was studying there.

  8. Hey man I just wanted to say hello. I see our Fiances are from the same place. I actually lived in Columbus while I was studying out there. I see you are almost at the end of the k1 process. You're having trouble setting up an interview? 

  9. @Ola&Adunni Great news. I am so happy for you. How our emotions can change in a couple of hours lol. Congrats!!
  10. @wintermute10 @Ola&Adunni @Pitaya (火龙果) The waiting is torturous lol. It reminds me when I was a kid and my parents would buy me a Christmas present like a month early and stick in the closet and would tell me I better not go in there and look at it lol. It would be torture until December 24th midnight lol. Reminds me of that with the exception we don't know the date, so adds a little extra salt to the cut lol.
  11. @Ola&Adunni Well, I know some individuals have received their NOA2, but I mean technically we are still well within the processing times. The way it was mentioned to me was where you see like the two dates that are given on the USCIS website (as of right now 5 to 7 months). USCIS calculates the processing time range based on the previous month’s completions, with the low end reflecting the time needed to complete 50 percent of cases and the high end showing the time it took to complete 93 percent of cases. If you noticed when I first submitted the I-129-F and you did, somewhere around March the processing times was much higher at around 6-8 months. However, it has been rapidly going down, which is expected around this time of year. There's such a spike of applications after the summer time romance in the air lol, probably because this is the time most people have an opportunity to travel. I figure right after the holidays most of us are broke or did not travel around this time, so there are less applications being submitted. Anyway, that's just my speculation. Such a long answer just to say, Man, I'm there with you and I can't wait to get my NOA 2 as well, but might be a tad bit early to ask the lord to save us already lol. (Disclaimer: As a Christian, actually it is never to early to ask the lord to save us lol.)
  12. Wow, congratulations I’m excited and happy for you guys.
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