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  1. It’s alright it seems common these days as they are running a little bit slower with most processes. Even the social security office is moving quicker. My wife was approved the same time as you and same thing. She got her social security card but no EAD card yet. However, she got approved on 17th and did get the receipt. There was a time when the EAD would arrive and then the social security card. However this seems like it will be quite common now since they are going to furlough a bunch of workers unless Congress bails them out by allowing them to spike their fees for a bunch of forms and stop some of the fees being waived when you bundle. plus in their message they tell you give until certain time to contact them if you don’t receive. Everything it’s okay if you weren’t approved for some reason you wouldn’t be getting a social lol. Uscis sends that information to the card producer and social security office.
  2. I am finally back after being gone for a while. Our Immigration Law firm was semi closed for the last three months. Unfortunately, I was like the only employee who stayed so I was working on all the cases, but now seems like I can breathe again. Seems like if things things don't change USCIS could slow down soon because USCIS is really lacking the funding and they are asking for congress to step in. If they don't they are planning to furlough people soon and be working at 25% capacity from the last thing I heard. Sorry, if someone mentioned it before, but like I mentioned I have not been on here for a while. Plus, when I was here I literally told people what was going to happen, but people don't listen, so I left. In other news my wife's EAD combo card just got produced so I am excited about that.
  3. It might be possible no one really knows, but it is what makes most sense. I am telling you when I was there on Monday the officers were all given laptops to take home, so they can process things remotely. How they will process things and their timelines is to be seen. I also went to the court on Monday and window filed some things, but now they are officially closed to even window file. Which makes sense I was stuck there with a few people on Monday, more so than a half full giant waiting room. At offices I doubt they want to get so backlogged, so the only thing like they can seem to do at the moment is to process cases minus the human interaction parts to it. Hopefully we see a more lenient interview waiver. It is not unheard of. A lot of petitions from children to older parents get their interviews waived. Of course, I believe the potential of fraud there is much less prevalent than says a spousal adjustment, but I hope if cases have enough evidence they will consider interview waivers if they seem simple enough. However, no one can tell you with certainty what the plan is because things seems to change daily. I am telling you on Monday the officers were unsure of what was going to happen and I am sure they heard the same time we did.
  4. New update, so I had an AOS interview for a client today and it was just cancelled. It was originally slated for 2pm pacific time. Seems like some interviews are already being cancelled until further notice. I was there yesterday and the interviews did go through, but the officers were all on edge joking about whether they even be coming into work or not. I talked with an officer and they were all given laptops including the clerks, and seems they will be working remotely. This was at the Los Angeles field office by the way, but I can't imagine that a federal agency would deviate too much from other offices.
  5. New update, so that AOS interview I had today was just cancelled and it was originally slated for 2pm pacific time. Seems like some interviews are already being cancelled until further notice.
  6. Today when I was at the Los Angeles USCIS field office for an interview with a client it was definitely different. All officers kept joking about being on standby to get guidance on whether they'd be closing or how they were going to proceed. However, I saw management giving laptops to all the workers and telling them not to forget it. After the interview I chatted a bit with the officer. He let me know they don't know what exactly is going to happen but said regardless if they Close the offices they'd be working from home, hence the laptops so they can work remotely. I asked because most of the time they never approve on the spot at the interviews (in LA and San Benardino anyway)and usually approve within a week if nothing complicated. SometimeS they say they will review it and they end up approving it that same evening. I just said well If you close will that significantly delay this specific applicant and he said no because we will work remotely anyway. In LA they tried this whole social distancing thing. They were sitting people only in groups of two and then some distance to the next two chairs. The waiting room was about half of the capacity that it usually is. Have another hearing tomorrow so if any updates ill keep all of you posted.
  7. I hate to tell you this but our law business is teamed up with USPS for most things. We send everything out through USPS and on rare occasions we use other carriers. However, the packet we sent to USCIS on the 22nd and arrived on the 24th. However, it was received by USCIS on the 25th and was rejected for being outdated. I am not saying this to scare people, but simply to state there is some incompetent people out there lol. Also, 6 other packets were sent the same way with similar received date and those were processed just fine. In other news, wish me luck guys I need to translate for an AOS interview today at one of the busier USCIS offices. That LA waiting room is huge.
  8. It has been a crazy 2020, and we are just three months in. I just wanted to share my experience from the law office where I work, so you guys have some idea of the climate currently. Let me start off with I am frustrated because just yesterday one of those packets sent before the 24th was rejected. It was sent out the 22nd and was delivered to Chicago on the 24th. That same day we sent out seven others exactly the same way. Mind you there is no difference except probably the individual who looked them over at the lock-box. Now 6 out of the 7 were no problem, but one did comeback. To make things worse it was raining and when it came back the whole packet was soaked. As if someone dipped it in water , so everything inside the packet was destroyed. Of course we always make copies of everything sent, so at least we have that. USCIS has no idea sometimes how to implement its policies, especially regarding this new public charge rule. If they don't know how can anyone else know. We sent those public charge forms out to clients that have consular appointments and sometimes they ask for them and sometimes they don't (although became effective after Feb. 24). I think we wont know the full story until this policy has been in place for at least like a year. Today I got an e-mail for the embassy in Beirut, Lebanon because one of clients was scheduled for an appointment there on March 20th. He left on Monday and guess what they are suspending routine consular operations. This might be something that might be prudent to keep an eye out on, because can be the first of many. I am just updating you guys just to give you my experience of the climate right now. It's crazy to say the least.
  9. We mailed quite a few applications right before the Feb. 24 deadline (that weekend), and we just received a good amount of the receipts yesterday. I think they got a huge influx and just starting to ship out those receipts.
  10. Yeah you’re right. I’ve seen it a couple times and it’s common when doing work permit renewals, but even those times they usually send a notification that there’s no need for bios since they already have them on file. I also see it in asylum cases since when they ask for asylum at point of entry they take some forms of bios. Lets just hope we all get quick work permits. I know my wife is dying bored at home and rather be working and contributing financially.
  11. I don't know but EAD's seem to be processing pretty fast the last two months. The craziest thing happened in our office last week. A client actually had their EAD approved without having done the bio-metrics first lol. He received his social security number, but of course no work permit since they do not even have his photo or fingerprints on file yet lol. He has has bios appointment next week. However the last month I had three EADS approved within a month in a half, which is unheard of these days, but hey its possible. However, it is three out of like 20, so I would still not say it is the norm.
  12. You're on a roll lol. Yeah, it is the red text and for last place of Arrival it would be buffalo, NY because it is where you entered through and were admitted. Come on we can do this before the 24th!!!!!! This is the most stressful time of my life right now lol. I have to get like 10 complicated AOS applications out of here by Friday and next week I have my California Bar exam on Tuesday and Wednesday. This site helps me release stress, so I love all you guys hahah.
  13. So far looking good. The information you are looking for is on your passport. The passport Number is usually easily visible on your passport Biographic page, while the Non-immigrant Visa number is found on the Visa page. It is usually the number on the bottom right corner. It is not the control number. You were inspected when you came in and entered on the K1, so looks good. Make sure to put the city where you entered through and the expiration date on your passport and not the Visa. @klgck
  14. Without the biometrics appointment you would not have that beautiful picture on your EAD though lol
  15. Yeah, I hope none of us get it lol. I find it very strange and from my experience it is rare that individuals would get and RFE for taxes that year before that April 15th deadline. I can tell you immigration law offices around the country keep an eye on that April 15th deadline and there's a surge of applications being sent out right before that because after the 15th you would need to include the 2019 taxes. However, before that date I can't recall ever getting an RFE for their taxes. Like someone else mentioned here it is good practice just to have updated tax return information for the interview especially after all the changes immigration is going through at the moment. Officers are being given more discretion nowadays. To be honest, a lot of things depend on an officer. Might be a new guy doing some weird things lol. I have gotten some officers that let a few things slide, which I know probably should not have gone through. I have also met some officers who are lawyers and very detail oriented and will catch any little thing. Hopefully all of our files get someone efficient who does not ask for more than what is needed and just wants to go home relax and watch some Netflix lol.
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