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  1. Imaju neke informacije na njihovom sajtu: https://rs.usembassy.gov/sr/information-regarding-consular-services-2020-03-16/ Moj predlog bi bio da ih kontaktirate bilo putem emaila, ili telefonom i da direktno sa njima proverite. Dobicete informaciju iz prve ruke i to je najvaznije. Pozdrav
  2. Hi, Keep following this thread and you will probably find some help.
  3. Hi, I been following this thread, also My interview was on 10th March. On 11th CEAC status was Application received , and today it changed to Issued Hope that very soon you will also have your visas issued
  4. Hi, I think you might find this thread helpful Wish you best of luck
  5. I can only tell that I was not asked to bring the DS-5540 for today`s interview appointment. And it was not listed on my P3, nor it was on P4 letter.
  6. Thank you! Well you can always contact your local Embassy and ask them if there is need for DS5540 I, for example, had very pleasant experience with Belgrade Embassy prior to my interview - I emailed them all questions regarding interview documentation for which I was not sure how to deal with. And they responded. My advice would be - when addressing your question to Embassy just be clear with your question. Regards
  7. Apologize for intervene. I am sure that if there was a need for ds5540, P3 would state it as necessary. If I am not mistaken ds5540 is only for DS-260 You just gather all requested as per P3 letter. Good luck to you
  8. Thanks! And thanks for the tips on airline tickets. No, I would only have to say that what matters the most is just to be honest about your relationship and generally that is it. I prepared a lot of chat and phone logs, information on trip we took together but that was not what interested CO. She was into the two of us: how we met, when, what are our plans etc.
  9. Can someone please explain to me why I can`t receive Community Reputation points? I do not have the gray "heart" logo at the bottom of my posts. Thanks
  10. Thanks to all for being always so helpful. Special thanks to @Greenbaum. My VISA is approved today 🥰😊 To all of you still waiting for VISA interview, wish you all the best of luck.
  11. Rok je cetiri meseca od NOA2 datuma ,tj. to je rok u kome viza mora da bude odobrena. Eventualno konzul može da produži rok važenja. Sto se tice papira jedino to uverenje iz policije se ceka malo duze od 7-10 dana, ostala dokumenta izvod iz knjige rodjenih, uverenje o slobodnom bracnom statusu ... mozes za jedan dan. Plus tu imas i drugu dokumentaciju koja je navedena -dokazi o vezi, dokaz o izdrzavanju i sl .Moj savet bi bio da prvo prikupis sve papire, pa tek onda da odradis lekarski i DS160. Mada koliko znam taj DS 160 i nema neki rok vazenja, a mozda i gresim Pozdrav
  12. Cao, Koliko sam shvatila, citajuci po VJ forumu, moze i na srpskom. Oni ce te pitati na kom jeziku zelis da se obavi razgovor. Verujem da nisi jedina kojoj engleski nije jaca strana, tako da nemoj da se brines. Srecno
  13. And it was! Our P3 letter is dated on 12th February Thanks for fingers crossed
  14. Here, try to read and to follow this thread.
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