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  1. I’m happy to share to this group that I have received my interview appointment today and my schedule is on July 24! I have been following and reading comments here in Visa Journey which somehow has been a great tool and encouragement for me. We filed on August 2019, got our NOA2 - May 12 2020 and NVC on the next day. Documentarily qualified on June 4 and received interview appointment from NVC today, June 23. We checked our NVC case status too and it did say At NVC still. Oh well, it doesn’t matter! I don’t know if it helped but I did send an email to NVC.state.gov/inquiry and US Consulate Singapore last Friday. In my email I was politely inquiring matters pertaining to these USA Government offices if they have worked on my case. I feel very lucky to have found Visa Journey. Cheers! CR-1 Philippines Interview Location - Singapore
  2. Did you request expedite?
  3. That’s very nice to hear, you news give hope to those who are waiting as well!!!
  4. I am a spousal visa here in Singapore and I just recently received my DQ Below is a photo of US embassy Singapore regarding Corona virus for visa applicants I hope this will help some of us who are very eager to know when are embassies will reopen
  5. Congratulations! So basically you have not received a notice saying that you’re case is approved yet? Am I right? If that’s the case I may asked my husband as well to check our status. Though he only check our status every end of the month. I’m CR-1 Texas Consulate - Singapore NOA August 13 2019 I am so happy to hear everyones approval and can’t wait to hear mine too! Keep safe!
  6. Hello there I can so relate We’ll be as honest as we can be ! My husband and I married 15 days after we met We’ve been talking online for 2 months We were all set for the civil marriage before we met face to face He came to visit me in the Philippines and got married right away He flew back to NY and me to Singapore He visited me here last August He was supposed to be in the plane right now to Singapore again to spend Christmas here with me but he missed his flight because of the traffic he faced in NYC after driving seven hours from Binghamton to JFK - that he didn’t anticipate! Just sucks now but it is what it is We do everything for love!
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