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  1. @naz94 My wife visa was approved on last Monday. USCIS shows that visa has been "Issued". Passport tracking shows that "Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery". Sounds like they received all documents from consulate, but still processing. I guess we should contact them tomorrow morning BD time and check the status. Any suggestion?
  2. no, kept all photocopies. My wife thought all original docs were kept. i reconfirmed with her. they kept photocopy ya. same thing happened.
  3. Thanks a zillion to Almighty God. My wife's visa has been approved today for Dhaka, Bangladesh. No question about medical insurance. They kept all original civil documents and said that they would return them after 15 days. Interview wait time was longer. Everything went well. Good luck to everyone else who are waiting for DQ, IL and interview.
  4. Thank you. Do you know if he had to stand in the line outside od embassy. That is usually what happens there
  5. thank you! Wish you guys happy life. Did you mean 8:30am instead of 7:30? IL says 8:30am. Next immigration step is removing condition from green card. It applies to my wife. not sure about your hubby.
  6. Three federal judges have put this process on hold effective Oct 15, 2019. I spoke to an attorney. They said it is not valid and will not go effect unless judge decides to put this rule back in place. Google it. Read the news
  7. @naz94 how long did your husband stay at embassy? how long was he with officer? like talk about marriage? what kind of questions did they ask, if you dont mind sharing with us? This is major step. Another major step is removing condition greencard.
  8. I dont know if this will take effect on nov 3rd because 3 federal judge blocked this rule. it has not been unblocked yet. has anyone spoken to their attorney about this?
  9. They didnt do any x-ray for my wife. She received bunch of shot for which she has fever now :(. She was told that everything came out good. All result will be sent electronically to US Embassy.
  10. Google alien registration. It used to be green card number. My old bangladeshi passport from 1996 still have alien registration stamp which used to be US visa back then. I also checked my naturalization certificate. That has alien registration or green card number. They all matches. I dont know how it works now. May be someone from this group can confirm. I am almost 90% certain about it. Check this out https://citizenpath.com/faq/find-alien-registration-number/ @naz94 when your hubby arrives and receives his gc, you will notice it, I think. I think NVC generates it. When it generates alien number. thats like 70% confirm that you will get visa inshaAllah. Just matter of waiting for last step which is interview. It will issue you visa once you prove that you are for whom petitioner applied. They used to generate alien number when your visa is approved at consulate back in 2016 and prior. Now it is different i guess. May be someone can confirm. My aunt came back in 2018. nVC used to issue letter in pdf and attach it to the email. I dont know if they still do that or not. I just checked their interview letter from Jan, 2018. It didnt have alien registration number on it. May be this is new process or may be this is for cr1/ir1 catagory only? My aunt came in F4 visa.
  11. Just checked my case status on CEAC. It says "READY". what does that mean? Visa is read, but haven't issued yet because waiting for interview?
  12. Do you know what question they asked him? Just want to want have an idea and prepare for it
  13. Question - Whoever received IL, did you get A - ##### at the bottom of the letter? That is actually alian registration number which is green card. I wonder if they generate them in advance.
  14. I used the link at the beginning of this thread. Selected date and filled out remaining info. I noticed it didn't update excel. I guess you updated manually?
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