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  1. Received K1 packet 3, and paid for the visa fee. But no available date for interview yet. Should I start making appointment for medical check yet? I read on the instruction that medical check is not recommended to be done more than 4 weeks prior the interview. Any idea when will there be available dates for interview? Do they do limited K1 interview every month? I saw on the instruction that I don't need to send anything to the consulate, but I saw many posts about people sending documents to NVC. So do I need to send anything to the NVC? Thanks~~
  2. CEAC status is ready now ~ but still waiting for my fiance's documents and the packet 3 from the consulate. 😃
  3. CEAC status is ready now ~ but still waiting for my fiance's documents and the packet 3 from the consulate.
  4. Hi all, I am from Hong Kong and our K1 visa case has arrived at the Embassy today. I'm wondering how long would it take for the embassy to send out packet 3? What is your experience? Anything I should prepare during this period before receiving packet 3?
  5. I can see on DHL tracker that the consulate in Hong Kong has received the case! How long would it take for them to send me packet 3?
  6. Interesting! so there are 4 applicants from Colombia this month. There are two applicants in Hong Kong 😃 being able to track down the case makes me feel much much secure!
  7. I checked my case status and It's "In Transit"!! yeah! I have the case number and invoice number. Can I actually schedule an interview or I should wait for packet 3 or the status has changed to "ready"?
  8. Hope the officer told the truth. 😃 I will keep checking DHL and visa status, thanks~~
  9. halo ~ how's yours going?


    1. HandN11213


      It’s going well I was hoping to make this shipment but I probably won’t we’ll see tomorrow. I’m still at the NVC and I got my case number on the 9th. 

  10. NOA2 on 11/4/2919 My fiance called today (15/5/2019) and he has got the case number, and the case is being sent to hong kong today 😃
  11. Anyone received K1 NOA2 in April and waiting for further notice from NVC or has already heard from NVC?
  12. Thank you 😃 Just in case they have the packet 3 sent to me when I am away... I mean, say they received the case in late April, 8 weeks later would be late June, and what if the packet 3 arrived when I was in the US?
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