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  1. i hope someone share his employment history in examples or his i-130 a form to make sure everything will be 100% right
  2. there is no gap show it in example how write if he was self-employed or stopped for months from work
  3. if someone only worked for two years in different jobs during last five years , so what should he write to prove the other 3 years left he was like on his self-employed or unemployed how mention this on form
  4. if someone was in training should he mention as he was working or considered as he is still studying during last five years
  5. i'm filling i-130a form for cr1 visa but i still need more infos to fill out all gaps , knowing that i've never been or working in US before: 1-Provide your last occupation outside the United States if not shown above. If you never worked outside the United States 2-Provide your last address outside the United States of more than one year.
  6. hello guys , is there anyone can help me with starting cr1 visa process from beginning ( step by step and without making mistakes....etc),
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