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  1. My husband was refused after his interview last month! 30 minutes after the interview we received an email asking for documentation we sent the same day and it took 3 days for status change from refused to AP and other 2 days for change to issue the same day that was issued Aramex called him to pick up the visa! So everything was in less than a full week!
  2. After logged in just click on continué instead of the second one schedule appointment! And it will automatically take you for chose what aramex office you want!!
  3. Yes they are! My husband received the interview letter 2 days ago! Good luck everyone! God bless!!
  4. For my friend I really don’t know what happened! He don’t expedite Or request anything!
  5. No! Im still waiting for my letter 😩but I heard that they are working in June cases! Soon I will receive something Nchallah! Good luck! I will post an update as soon as I know something!
  6. Hello we are DQ July 2020 IR1! I have a friend who were DQ in August 2020 and he received the interview letter 3 days ago!
  7. Hello! Everyone hope you guys are doing well! Any news? Have anyone been scheduled for interview yet? we were DQ in July and nothing yet! 😣
  8. So there’s no hope to receive schedule time for interview sooner 😪 we were DQ in July 2020 I was hoping to be interviewed in 2 or 3 months 😓
  9. Hello everyone! I know Algeria consulate has resumed limited interviews in chronological order so If I was DQ in July 8/2020 for IR-1 visa I will be able to be contacted before or after that date? 😣 so frustrating being waiting over a year now to see my husband!
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