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  1. I stumbled upon your thread. We are not in the banned countries but I wanted to let you know that I'm sending prayers your way that you all have some good news soon. ❤️ I hope you don't mind if I posted here.
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    We printed ours off my phone and I glued them to white paper. My husband made color copies and I left the originals (the glued ones) with him to take to the interview later on. I'm sure it's fine.
  3. I am a USC and currently living in Algiers. I'm not sure if you're still going through the process or what but I will help you all that I can. I can certainly utilize my husbands brain for navigating things here. It's a tough place to get anything done for sure but rest assured many people have done it before you.
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    Help - Casablanca Question

    I agree. I was just piggybacking off of @adil-rafa and @EandH0904's comments regarding why they may ask why someone didn't marry in Morocco.
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    Help - Casablanca Question

    True, but that lack of evidence usually stems from the fact that the SO's family either doesn't approve or is on the fence about the relationship. It's true that if you do have a marriage ceremony or celebration that is traditional or culturally equivalent then that's just that much more evidence you have. I certainly do not have the experience with Moroccan weddings, culture or traditions but have read about them or spoken to others that have. I was just trying to give some food for thought 😁
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    Help - Casablanca Question

    Algerian wife here but the cultures concerning weddings are similar. The family will want to do something for their son. So I suggest now that you two discuss this at length. For instance, we had a simple Fatiha ceremony after the legal marriage with our two witnesses at the city hall. The Imam, my wali (my Muslim male guardian who represented me throughout our marriage process - my now brother-in-law) and my husband and two witnesses did this in our home while I stayed with his sisters at the family home doing Henna and other traditional wedding things. One week later we had the wedding reception dinner at his parents home with all of his siblings (12/13 - one lives in France and couldn't attend). There were about 50 people there counting spouses and children and neighbors. In Islam it is Sunnah that the marriage be announced as soon as possible to let the community/family know that a marriage has occurred and that the bride and groom are no longer available for marriage. (Well the Muslim man can have up to 4 wives...is this something you two have discussed BTW?) My husband bought all the food and cake and drinks and his sisters and mothers prepared a very traditional dinner of couscous and lamb and it's also sunnah to share with the neighborhood mosque to announce the marriage as well. I however did not do an elaborate dress change or anything like that and our reception wasn't as fancy as most but we did follow traditional culture and Islamic culture. The embassy knows this is part of a valid marriage in these countries. Also the mother's of these men LOVE their sons and it's a bond you and I could never imagine! And I have a 21 year son LOL...trust me it's a big deal. You'll need to have some kind of ceremony here before you whisk him off to the states to marry in my opinion. ☺️
  7. I last worked as a nurse in July 2016. I am also a freelance writer and so I was working as that from home full time until I moved here. My license is up to date. I am not unemployed as I teach business/medical English here at a private school since last year. (Edited to add: the reason I quit nursing was because at the time I was being put on different blood pressure meds and having issues with low blood pressure so I stopped working with patients at that time. It wasn't for any other reason.) I'm planning on being back in the states before tax time next year anyway and working. I've already starting applying for jobs. I understand we will be open to questions such as why do we want to move back and why can't your wife support you there if you support her here but as I've said that's a pretty easy question: because she's been living here and working here for almost 2 years. I mean are they that ridiculous at the consulate to see a 39 year old and a 40 year old who will have been married two years by interview time, living together in Algiers, strong relationship with his family and everything else to just say, "Oh well we don't think this relationship is bona fide so we're going to deny you at this time." ? (Also please understand that I've dealt with this consul at this embassy before we were married and after and it was not a 10/10 experience.) And I don't ask the above question to be silly, flippant or naive or to be rude. I genuinely want to know. I moved here to meet his family, learn his culture and way of life and to start our life without doing this visa song and dance waiting to get married or to marry and spend years and years apart due to scrutiny over our relationship. Mostly to learn about him and know his family and them know me. I'm ready to go back to the US and see my son consistently and be back in my profession and we start our lives there. I hate to think that this scenario is so hard for them to imagine. Again I thank you both for your time and replies. It really does help me and I look forward to continuing to get advice and hopefully helping others ☺️
  8. I believe she said foreign fiance is from Algeria.
  9. dzmichellebkt

    K1 denial because of age

    I moved here to Algiers and lived alone for four months before we married. We've been married over one year, and I've lived here almost two years. I am one year and five days older than my husband. I am extremely close with his family and especially is mother. I've learned his culture, language and how to cook his traditional foods. (This is the main reason I chose to move here. It was important for our marriage and relationship that I know his family and learn his culture and spend time with him in his environment because family and culture is so important here!) Also it is EXTREMELY important his family knows about and accepts me and our marriage. I am the same religion, reverting BEFORE we ever met and I can speak a little Arabic/Derja and he speaks English at an Intermediate level. I'm still child bearing age and actually we've tried starting a family but suffered a miscarriage once already. I am still childbearing age at 40 years old and I'm willing and ready to start a family with Allahs will. My point is: we are still expecting issues with our case simply because I'm American and he's Algerian. Will we have problems? Probably not but even we aren't expecting this process to be easy. Even with many people on my side and his willing to attest to our bona fide marriage. Good luck in your journey. ☺️
  10. In Middle Eastern and MENA countries, the family knowing about the wedding is VERY important. Also in Islam it is Sunnah to spread the word of marriage to the family and neighbors/friends. So wedding photos are crucial, especially if it's a marriage to a Western woman with a man. We do not have photos of our Islamic part of the wedding or in the court house when we signed with our witnesses but we do have photos of our wedding party at his family's house a few days later.
  11. Janet, Thank you for your response. I see what you mean about a co-sponsor. Actually, here's the plan. (We all know plans never go according to plan hahaha...) We will file the end of September which means they will receive our packet first of October. Then we probably have about 6 months( best case scenario) from then until we receive our NOA2 and I have to start filing support paperwork. I plan on flying back around Jan - March, which will be 3-5 months from filing. I have a place to live already with a close friend and I PLAN on having a job lined up before I go. I'm a nurse back in the states so I can easily begin looking for a job before I go back. My plan is to have a job in place and already begin working and within a month have an apartment for us by the time we start the NVC part of the process. With a nursing job I can make the income requirement and don't feel I'll have any problem with getting letters from an employer. However I will not have income tax that was filed because I haven't work in the past two years in the US. Only worked here in Algeria. I mean we have an explanation of why we need a cosponsor. I've been here for 2 years. The cosponsor is plan B in case we need him/her. I appreciate the time you both are giving me and your help is so much appreciated. I like to plan for the future as much as possible and have all my plans in place! Please tell me what you all think.
  12. These are not people on here fear mongering, more people that really don't know anything or have been denied themselves. The reason for this cosponsor is because she's the only person I trust really. I don't even know if I'll need one tbh. And she's not even seeing herself as being burdened. We aren't going to need her inshaAllah. It's only because I've been living here that we are even having to worry about the financial part. I worked in the US in over a year and a half.
  13. Also I wasn't sure if I should add more pages of general married life messages from January till now as proof too?
  14. Asalam alaykum. Hello all. My husband and I have been married for a little over a year. I've been living here in Algiers since March 2017 before we married. We are exactly one year and five days apart in age. I have one son who is 21 as of yesterday and we actually have been trying for a family of our own. We've had one pregnancy that ended in miscarriage. (I certainly wouldn't include this information if it wasn't necessary.) I reverted BEFORE I met my husband. We did meet through a mutual friend online. I'm working here, am very close to his family but we are ready to go to the US for a while to establish a life there so I can be close to my son for a bit again. We are sending in our I130 this week. We are including 15 pages of Skype and Facebook conversations from the day we started talking until January of this year when I came back from visiting my son. Also three letters of support from his family members and three from mine plus 30 photos of us together, me and his family, us with family and our wedding. I will be moving back in March or April to establish residence again and start working again as a nurse but will still be using a cosponsor probably just in case. My question is: does anyone think we're going to have many problems with this petition, if any? And my cosponsor is a close friend who will be using her SSI and SSI disability income as our proof of financial support. Is this OK? I have SO MANY people fear mongering me that they are going to deny us. Thank you in advance for your help!!!