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  1. Oh OK. That's a pretty bold statement to make about family immigrants being on welfare eventually. You do know that also, welfare is for helping people when they need it, right? It's why people like me, pay taxes. A merit system also negates anybody who could potentially become someone better by immigrating to the US. It's ridiculous and egregious to say that only highly educated, fluent English speaking, etc... Should be allowed to immigrate.
  2. I've seen people who had interview from August, last month. InshaAllah.
  3. Hi. Does anybody know what month DQ they are sending out interview letters for, right now? We are DQ 10/2020.
  4. OK. Was confused lol... If they are suspecting fraud, it could be longer than normal. Have you started your own thread? Many people may not see this here because it's not about AP. Start a thread on your own. Make sure you tell people it's not your case.
  5. Your timeline shows you had an approved interview. Is this your case?
  6. Sounds like you are in AP. There is no timeline for that. It could be days or months, while they look over whatever they want. There are many people who had to provide more evidence. What kind of evidence are they asking for?
  7. Waalaykum asalam. Thank you for the information!
  8. Well inshaAllah we get ours soon. I'll follow you to watch for your good news. May Allah help us and give us patience.
  9. This is so exciting! Did you get your interview letter yet? If not, how did they get ahead of you? Expedite?
  10. Thank you! I'm not sure I know what a portal page is. Also, surely there are more than one every month. Ugh.
  11. Hi all. Does anybody know what DQ month they are working on right now for interviews? How fast are they working? We were DQd 10/2020. IR1. Thank you!
  12. The difference is, you're dealing with a man from another culture, mindset, religion, etc... Islam does not every condone any type of abuse towards women. It's a natural reaction to what most women are used to but someone who is mature and has self dignity wouldn't act like this. What you tolerate now will set the bar later for when issues arise. Plus what's he going to do during Ramadan when he can't smoke?
  13. Hi. It sounds like you have a lot of soul searching to do and that this answers aren't going to come from here. First, don't convert because somebody has to convince you. Second, if you do marry, ask yourself at what level of Iman (faith) you want this man to be that you marry. And finally, if he was truly in a bonafide marriage and isn't trying to marry you to make it easier on himself, them let him remove conditions on his own and then entertain the idea of marriage. If he's dating you without a chaperone and is doing other things that are forbidden in Islam, then sounds like he needs to do some soul searching too. If you want to become Muslim then learn about the religion on your own and come to Islam for yourself. If you base your marriage off of conversion alone, it won't work. There's also two sides to every story. Good luck!
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