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  1. Did my biometric from july 2 2019 nothing from then, fell back in a dead zone
  2. I'm CR6 hoping to hear something soon they seems to be moving slow
  3. Hi .any link for EAC Vermont service center did my bio July 2nd got updated on the 3rd that fingerprint review was completed nothing since it been 82 days since fingerprint review
  4. Maybe they are reusing your biometric..I see in other threads where it happens and it was close to when they are about to make a decision on your case...I'm just say not quite sure
  5. Hi I filed on April 10th 2019 did biometric same day as you why that long wait for your bio ?..I'm changed the next day to finger print review received didnt expect it that quickly I was just checking out the uscis apps that I downloaded its pretty good..
  6. Lol yes I'm so happy and I will be traveling..did u send out yet dont stress it's taking 3 weeks tops to get it ..oh by the way I wanted to tell you to send via USPS because they seems to get reply faster
  7. Hi how are things I just got my receipt over the phone it was processed on the 26 of April the notice was sent out since Friday I'm so happy more relax now I got an EAC receipt..I hope you hear from them soon on your resubmitted forms and you get a fast response good luck to all of us
  8. Awww lol it happens to the best of us ..at lease it wasn't something worst send it in the morning..how do you think you will resend?
  9. Thanks hun hope so too plz keep me updated and refile the next day so then you'll see how soon you'll get your text and email I hope it doesn't drop in Edwards hands again lol
  10. That's exactly what I did this morning, the officer checked twice and saw nothing I told him T Edwards signed for it, he said I should have even gotten the email and text. He then said if I didnt get the email or text receipt the won't give me the stamp, I told him I will still try my luck he said if I get the receipt by txt or email I should take it with me. This is so frustrated I dont know if they are returning it I think it should have came back already
  11. Hi how are you so I call today spoke with a nice agent she took info and went to confirm told mi the same as you said but she was transferring me to an tair 1 but the phone got cut off just my luck..I'm so sad and worried
  12. Ok thank you so much I'll call tomorrow that will be 15 days for me
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