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  1. We sent my husband’s orders, Leave and Earning statements and his tax transcripts, and never received an RFE. I still have my interview coming up though.
  2. Just got the notification that my Interview has been scheduled! How long does it usually take for the notice to arrive in the mail? Local Office - Raleigh, NC AOS package sent - 09/16 NOA in the mail - 09/26 Biometrics appointment - 10/17 Case ready to be scheduled for interview - 01/09 Interview has been scheduled - 01/15
  3. Something strange just happened, my case status changed to Ready to be Scheduled. It had recently said I have an RFE, but hadn’t received the letter yet. Maybe it was a mistake on their part? I’m not complaining though!
  4. Oh no, well thankfully it’s an easy send! And hopefully you get positive news soon after sending!
  5. Still waiting on my letter, hoping it comes tomorrow! Did they lose your birth certificate? Best of luck!
  6. Not a clue, I’m thinking they may have lost something because I went through my package thoroughly making sure everything was there.
  7. I cried as well. It’s just such a long time waiting after everyone else has gotten their RFEs. Really wasn’t the greatest start to the year, BUT I hope it will be a quick fix for us and we will be back on track! Hang in there ☺️
  8. To be honest, I’m not sure. My husband is I’m the military, so I figured it can’t have to do with a co-sponsor (I may be wrong though), and I sent in a copy of my unabridged birth certificate, so I’ll just wait and keep you up to date! ☺️
  9. Hoping so! I think I’m just happy that there’s movement, I almost thought they had lost my case 😅
  10. After a long time of having no movement, got the dreaded RFE notification today. Will be patiently (not so patient) waiting for the letter to arrive. Hoping it’s an easy fix!
  11. Also hoping it stays at no RFE! I guess it’s just having to remain patient (which obviously I knew came with this whole process), but boy is it getting difficult! I check the case status ALL the time like a crazy person 😂 but, remaining calm and wishing everyone luck!
  12. Hey September friends! Are there any here who are still waiting on their case status to change to Ready to Schedule Interview that haven’t had an RFE? My Biometrics was done on October 17th, and nothing since then. I wonder if there’s a chance where statuses don’t even get changed on the site sometimes? Anyways, hoping for speedy timelines for everyone! 😁
  13. Congrats!! So motivating to see, as I’m not TOO far behind. Still waiting for case to become “Ready to Schedule.” Did they require the i-693 or was your DS-3025 fine??
  14. DEERS gave me a temporary Dependent ID with a temporary SSN, so I have to go back once I receive my EAD to get my permanent dependent ID. Or is it after GC? I can’t remember! Anyways, happy that your lady is able to get her ID now and received her SSN card! Good stuff.
  15. Oh my goodness, that’s awesome! My appointment is at 3pm, so would have just missed you! Maybe we’ll bump into each other around the interview time!
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