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  1. Yes - it appears to just be a designation. We have 01, 02, & 03 added to the end of our case for our K1 and two K2's on the case.
  2. She doesn't want to file for Bankruptcy if that's the only issue. That has a 10 year impact on her credit score. Having a vehicle repossessed would have a 7 year impact and be viewed much more favorably than a bankruptcy. It will impact you in ways other than immigration. In the beginning you'll need her to be a cosigner on any loans you take for a car or furniture etc. You'll have to pay a higher interest rate because of her bankruptcy. When the time comes to buy a home you'll both have to be on the mortgage which again means a higher interest rate. It's doable but not pleasant.
  3. You can't schedule an interview at the US Embassy at the moment. I've been checking every few days. This is message as of this morning for a K1 interview.
  4. Your credit score is based on a number of factors. The first and foremost factor is payment history. Get a small credit card with a low limit to start that can be increased over time because the 2nd factor is credit utilization. But always pay your bills on time. Pay it off every month if you can so that you're credit utilization is at a minimum. Meaning that if you have a $1,000 credit card and your balance is $900 your utilization is 90% which is bad but if you pay it off it's at 0% which is good. But you have to use the card too so you're making payments. Then it becomes length of time, credit mix and credit inquiries from lenders is a factor. It'll take time to build up a credit score so be patient.
  5. Agreed - check with your carrier. I had a flight to Manila on Delta that was scheduled to depart on April 2nd. They rebooked that flight with no penalty to flights that are scheduled to depart on April 24th and return on May 10th. They'll let me cancel or reschedule the later flights with no penalty too. Although my flights are all still viable, I doubt they'll be in a couple of weeks. I assume the flight in question is the return portion of a ticket so you probably won't be able to cancel for a refund but they may reschedule with no penalty. That's a tricky situation too though because the fare will have most certainly changed since you originally booked the ticket. Of course the unknown is what'll things be like in a month. Regardless I suggest you file for an extension with the USCIS so that you're at least protected (with respect to an overstay) to some degree if the flights are cancelled. If you don't use the extension there is no harm but it'll be more complicated if there is an overstay with no extension request.
  6. I have a slightly different opinion - I says that an adjustment has been made to your property tax credit. Do you file state income taxes in New Jersey? Did you include a property tax credit on the income tax return? It looks like you may have overstated that property tax credit and they've reduced your state income tax refund by said amount resulting in a lower state income tax return.
  7. Metro Manila is locked down so hopefully they live somewhere else and can get a flight out.
  8. If at all possible have your fiance fly to Hawaii. You could meet them there. Once they're in the US then you'd have another 90 days to get married. Hopefully things will be cleared up by then.
  9. If you're looking for income verification information then as Kris&Me mentioned your fiance can go to this site: https://www.irs.gov/individuals/get-transcript Create a login and download a copy of these (return transcript) and (wage and income transcript). We submitted 3 years worth when we filed for the petition. You can print them out or save them as a PDF for later printing.
  10. File for what? Income taxes?
  11. RT&MB

    Balikbayan Box

    For reference you can go to this url to find LBC branches. https://www.lbcexpress.com/branches-world Most of the branches use couriers to pick up packages in other parts of their region. Here in Florida, they'll deliver a Balikbayan Box to your home and then pick it up the following week when they're running the route again.
  12. Yes, me too. Nice! Not to far apart. There isn't a very large Filipino population in Panama City so I moved down to Orlando last fall. I need to update the profile. We wanted the kids (14 & 15) to be able to assimilate as easily as possible. Good luck on the interview!!!
  13. Small world! Her Mom lives in Bato. I've been there several times. It's a beautiful area!
  14. Delta has flights through Seoul. I'm going over in April and I'm just hoping we don't have the same situation by then.
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