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  1. If he was “supposed to”, then he needs to bottom line. NVC doesnt care why he didn’t. Unless he has an exception with a written statement as to why he didn’t need to legally file his taxes. Otherwise he needs to file them before being able to move forward. You have 3 years to amend a mistake, but I’m not sure how much time they give you to file late.
  2. Yes definitely. I’ll inbox you my number
  3. Meus Deus!!!! I jumped out of my chair when I read this haha. Thank you so much for tagging me. I’d like to know if more people have had interviews in Rio. This gives me hope. 😍
  4. Thanks for the info, very hopeful info. but what exactly does “sustain conditions” mean?
  5. So I heard back from NVC about my second expedite request. Turns out they keep track and won’t even send your second request to the embassy for them to answer. Usually you get two emails: 1. Saying they sent your request to the embassy for them to review. 2. Email is either a yes or no. Today I got the first (and only) email from the NVC sayin that I already had previously requested an expedite and the embassy had already said no and blah blah blah (I stopped reading after I saw what it was about). So apparently requesting a second expedite doesn’t work since NVC won’t even forward it to the embassy. The only positive thing I got out of the email is that it says “If” something we’re to change that’s different from my previous request then I could ask again. I guess I’d have to fall in a coma or become extremely ill for it to be considered lol. anyways, sorry I couldn’t bring better news but I figured it help anybody hoping to try a second expedite.
  6. It’s okay, I complain alllllll the time haha. It’s the only thing that keeps my from going crazy. I beat myself up thinking about the mistakes I made and how she would be here now if I hadn’t made those mistakes, but oh well. In portuguese we say “Não chore pelo leite derramado” (Dont cry about the spilled milk) 😂. I try to stay positive, I just hate when my family tells me to stay positive 😂
  7. It usually takes about 2 days for NVC to say they forwarded the request to the embassy/Consulate, and about another4-5 days to get the response from the embassy. Each one is different, but that’s about the time it took on mine.
  8. Sent my 2nd Expedited request. Hopefully it lands in the hands of soft souled person. 🙏🏼
  9. Thanks for the info, very helpful. But I still don’t understand how USCIS can open here in America when we have the highest number of cases yet other countries who have way less have to go thru a Phase period. 🧐🤔
  10. Last time I checked that’s how it was being done. I doubt it’s changed haha. Do you know how things are things in Rio? Closed, open, mais ou menos? I’m in Texas so I don’t really know how things are running. My wife says that everything is basically normal in SC
  11. Read the email once you receive you interview date and see what it says especially for Argentina. Because in Brazil they schedule our interview but we still have to create an account on the AIS US visa website and schedule it/ “confirm” the same date they gave us. It’s wierd. Just check for your specific country. 🤙🏻
  12. A “courtesy” would be receiving something for free, not paying the fees that we pay for an interview. So in a sense they do “owe” me something. Regardless, that’s your opinion and I respect it. 👍🏻
  13. Calling NVC won’t help. The times that I’ve called I’ve gotten very rude women. The last one literally asked me what I wanted and then said “the embassies are closed worldwide so what do you want?”. Then she told me to “play with” my fingers and login into the CEAC website once a year before the one year mark of paying my fees expires. 🤦🏻‍♂️ It’s useless.
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