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  1. I was told I was approved in interview and went into AP for a day or two and then it said issued.
  2. They didn’t actually ask me for any proof of relationship at my interview though I did include quite a bit in our initial application. Was just asked pretty basic questions about the relationship at interview... when we met, how often we visit, if there are any wedding plans, longest time spent together on one visit.
  3. I photocopied both but was only asked for mine (the Canadian haha)
  4. Hopefully not! I’m so grateful mine was quick. NOA1 Mar 7, NOA2 May 16, interview Sept 11. 😱
  5. Actually I have some down time at the airport so here’s my experience from today!! My appointment was scheduled for 830 and I showed up to the consulate around 8. I expected there to be a long line based on what I read in other reviews but there was nobody outside and one other person had just gone in so I headed inside. The lady before security was friendly; took my passport and looked at the copy of my appointment confirmation. She put a sticker on my passport, handed me a laminated paper and told me to arrange my documents in that order and proceeded me to security. The security guards were alright. I tried to make conversation asking how their morning was going... they told me it had actually been a pretty quiet morning but didn’t really engage in anything more which was fine. After getting through security I headed down to the basement where I organized my documents in the requested order and then headed up to the 19th floor. I sat and waited for probably 30 minutes before I was called up to a first window. This woman was super nice and conversational, took my documentation (in a completely different order than the paper requested so I really don’t know what the point of doing that was...), and took my fingerprints. She opened my medical results and gave me back the CD of the X-ray for my own medical records. She confirmed addresses and phone numbers for both my fiancé and I and had me go back to take a seat. I waited for about an hour before I was called to another window for the actual interview. I was totally expecting some very official in-uniform immigration officer and was met with a very friendly looking woman not in uniform. This definitely put me at ease. She gave me back my birth certificate and had me take an oath as well as re- fingerprint my right hand (not sure if everyone had to do this or maybe my previous scan just wasn’t clear enough??) and asked me the following questions: 1) Will this be the first marriage for both you and your fiancé? (This was also asked at the first window so I guess she was just confirming..? 2) How often do you two visit each other? 3) Where does he live? 4) How did you meet? 5) Do you have any wedding plans? She then said she noticed I had previously had trouble crossing the border and that it had something to do with a boyfriend? I clarified and said that I had previously dated anther American and the border had stopped me and didn’t believe I would be coming back to Canada. They denied me and told me to go home and collect documentation to prove my ties to Canada, wait a few weeks and then try again. They ended up denying me again anyway. She asked what year that happened and I told her (it was almost 5 years ago), and then she asked if I had any problems crossing since. I said not at all. She then said “Alright! Well we are ready to go ahead and issue your visa! You should receive it within two weeks.” And passed me the pink “Welcome to the USA” paper! Overall it was a great experience and I was definitely WAY more nervous than I needed to be. Appointment time was 830 and I was leaving the building at 945! Much better than I expected and the interview itself lasted no more than 5 minutes long. I also brought SO MUCH EVIDENCE of our relationship.... pictures, chat logs, notarized letters from family, travel documents, etc etc etc and they didn’t look at any of it lol of course right I bet they would have asked for it though if I didn’t bring it hahaha
  6. I’ll write more about the actual interview tonight or tomorrow ! 😁
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