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  1. We actually went through a lawyer so she did all the paperwork part, but my fiance and I gathered the following to add to the packet our lawyer was filling out: - all our trip iteneraries back and forth (I included flight numbers, confirmations, boarding pass photos for the ones I could find).. All trips typed out in a document organized by date, purpose for trip, other places visited on trip, etc. - messages exchanged (I went pretty lengthy here and this included screenshots of text messages, facetime call logs, facebook messages, emails, facebook posts, as well as some screenshots of each of us communicating in group chats with each others friends and families, and messages individually to each other's friends and family [especially around the time of engagement.... messages like his sister texting me how excited she was to be asked to be a bridesmaid, my fiance communicating with my best friend about his proposal plans, etc] - proof of gifts exchanged (this was reciepts for christmas presents, photos with those christmas presents, as well as the reciept for the engagement ring) - social media updates of relationship (dating and engagement)... I also screenshotted some comments on these posts showing the support and excitement of our friends and family, as well as pictures of our engagement announcment in the local paper and on the paper's website. -LOTS of photos of us.... I organized these by trip. Dated them, and put little explanations under each photo of what we were doing or who was with us (my fam, his fam, who's friends, etc) -Letters from people who have witnessed our relationship. My parents, his parents, my best friend, and the woman who introduced us all wrote letters explaining how they've seen us together and how they feel about us as a couple. Gosh honestly I probably included more that I'm forgetting... I wanted to include a lot especially considering we got engaged quite quickly and I know that can easily be a red flag. I think the letters probably will if they haven't already help with that... Those closest to us have been so supportive of our relationship and are so excited for us. My family adores him, and my fiance's family loves me (I asked all 5 of his sisters to be bridesmaids LOL and included all of that in photos and message screenshots as well)
  2. I wouldn’t worry. We had pages and pages and pages of photos, screenshots, travel itineraries, etc etc etc
  3. We submitted our I-129F end of February (with a notice date of March 7th) and just got our NOA2 approval notice this morning! Wild!!! NOA1 March 7 2019 NOA2 May 18 2019 72 days!!!
  4. My NOA1 issue date is March 7th and I just got notice that my NOA2 has been approved this morning!!! This is crazy! So much faster than I expected!!!!! Noa1 March 7 2019 Noa2 May 18 2019
  5. That’s awesome! Please add your timeline so we can see as your process moves along! 😁
  6. My fiance (US) and I have filed our I-129F and are currently waiting for our NOA2... In 2015 I was denied entry to the USA. I was going to visit my now ex-boyfriend for a couple months and was denied because they didn't believe there was enough proof to show I would be returning to Canada (I lived with my parents at the time and was bringing my only big financial commitment [my car] with me). They denied me BUT told me that if I got plane tickets, left my car at home, brought bank statements to prove I could financially support myself while visiting, a letter from work with the expected date I was due back to work, etc, etc, etc, etc then I should be fine. I was also told I should wait a few weeks once I gather these things before trying to cross the border again. A month later, a shortened trip planned with a return plane ticket, a letter from my parents stating that they had my car at their home and would be picking me up from the airport on the specified date I would be back, a letter from work with my expected return, bank statements, screenshots of conversations with my cousin discussing that I would be photographing her wedding in Canada the week after my return, etc, etc, etc. I was STILL denied entry because they didn't believe I would return. I have since crossed MULTIPLE times for short visits without ANY issues, however I am wondering if this is likely to negatively impact our visa process (and if so, is this something that would get denied at an NOA2 level because it would be in their system, or is there a possibility it could get all the way to the embassy interview ending in denial), or if I shouldn't even bother to worry about it. Sorry for the rant but thank you so much in advance !!
  7. The person operating the chat likely isn't the person working on your case and will probably see that it is simply in process and gave that answer. There is no reason for your case to not be processed. February approvals are just starting to pop up in the last two weeks or so.. I assume you will be hearing soon The estimated timeline on your page suggests May 31 at the earliest for a response. Unless its long past that I'd just keep waiting
  8. Is anyone else getting a pop up box that says your case number cannot be recognized when trying to check your case update online?
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