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  1. I was wondering if you made it or were going to make it across since all this started. Happy you had no issue. 🙌
  2. I arrived in the US March 3rd. Applied for my SSN on the 9th and received it today, the 17th. They told me at the office that they were having SAVE issues and that it would need to go for manual verification, something I didn’t want to happen because I figured it would be weeks before I heard anything. It was showing returned to agency all week so I was really surprised to get it today.
  3. I got a text message and and email with the tracking # which basically said 1-2 days but I received it the next day. Sent on Monday and delivered to me on Tuesday.
  4. I did! It was delivered around 2pm yesterday. I’m all set now. Leaving on Monday.
  5. Now you can officially say that this part is finally over. Mine is out for delivery. I have a chair pulled up to the window watching and waiting. I have things to do but I ain’t leaving this house until I have it in hand.
  6. Yup, I did the $21 courier and just got the tracking email. 👍
  7. Yes, I read that after about receiving an email with tracking #. Hopefully I’ll get my notification this morning.
  8. We did!! I won’t be satisfied until I have it in hand though. Is there any way we can track it for delivery?
  9. Just checked again and the status has updated to issued. Check yours. 🤞👍
  10. I mentally quit 2 weeks ago after receiving the P4 and put my focus on travelling for the medical in Vancouver last week and then the interview in Montreal this week. I wanted time to tie up loose ends here and pack so the plan is to leave March 5/6. Going to the Bay Area just outside of San Francisco. Let me know as soon as your status changes and I’ll do the same. Fingers crossed it’ll be today, otherwise it’s gonna be a long weekend waiting for Monday to come.
  11. Yup. Still in AP. This is my last day of work so I don’t anticipate doing much other than checking CEAC every 5 minutes. lol
  12. I wonder how long we’ll have to wait in administrative processing?
  13. I had the original l-134, last years tax return, letters from the banks confirming deposits and amounts, a W2 and a letter confirming employment. She took everything but whether she needed it all I don’t know. Super easy though. The lady taking the paperwork and the officer asking questions were very friendly and apologetic for the wait which I didn’t think was so bad considering the whole process only took an hour.
  14. Same here. Approved. It was quick. In and out within an hour.
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