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  1. Got up at 5 am yesterday to avoid Chicago’s early morning rush hour. Our interview was at 8 am and we were all beginning to panic because traffic was REALLY horrible. We checked in around 8:02 am and while in line our IO called out my name. I thanked her for patiently waiting and she said it’s no problem. All three of us (my stepdad, mom, and I) were inside a small office. She began by taking our picture and fingerprints and then proceeded with the basic i-485 questions. Our names, birthdays, address, etc. She was alternating between my mom and I for the most part. She then asked us about 10-15 questions in the part 8 of the i-485. After that, she asked my stepdad and mom were asked to tell how they met. We got lucky because our IO was a very nice, pleasant lady. All in all she said everything looks good and we’ll receive news within two weeks. At that point we were just so relieved it’s almost over. I knocked out as soon as we got home around 8 pm and then woke up in the middle of the night to an e-mail that says, “Card/Document in production” We’re so ecstatic!!! Thank you guys for being a great support system. I am so thrilled to be immigration-free for a while aaaaahhh. To everyone still waiting, it’s a long wait but it’s gonna be worth it you guys. Hang in there!
  2. Finally! I’m so glad for you guys!! And APPROVED ON THE SPOT, wow. 👌🏼💖 time to celebrate!! 🍾🎉
  3. We have our interview in less than two weeks! Just a quick question, did you guys fill out a new i-864 (Affidavit of Support)? I am a bit anxious of what paperworks to bring and am still trying to figure out how to organize all the documents. I am not sure if we should just bring another copy of the i-485 application we sent months ago!
  4. Good luck!!! i’m sure you guys will do fine! Let us know how it goes.
  5. Card in production for i-765! Hopefully it’s a combo card. It’s been a good week. First, interview was scheduled, and then this. Everything’s coming along now 🙏🏼 Hopefully all of us November 2018 filers receive good news before August ends.
  6. Have you guys experienced receiving somewhat “empty emails” from uscis? They sent 4 emails early this morning saying they took recent actions on my case and log into my account to see it but when I checked the site nothing was changed. Could this be just a glitch on their system or is the site just not updated yet???
  7. Thank you so much!!!! 💛 I can’t wait to get this over with. It’s been a long, anxious process. Especially with never receiving the work & travel permit despite our efforts to put in case inquiries & expedite requests. Will update soon! Time to gather the paperwork for the interview! 🎊
  8. I just received an email from the USCIS saying “Interview Was Scheduled” for me and my mom’s i-485 application!! My heart is still pounding and I couldn’t believe it with my own eyes that I asked my stepdad to read the email for me. I was trying so hard to have our work permit and travel permit expedited since I wanted to work and save up some money so that I can finish my last semester of college back in my home country but I guess the i-485 interview getting scheduled is better than getting the i-765 expedited. Hopefully we receive our interview date soon and before late October! Our LFO is Chicago, though I’m keeping my fingers crossed and praying for a late September-Early October interview date. how long did you guys get an interview date after the “Interview Was Scheduled” notification?? please let me know. Thank you!
  9. Hey guys any of you expedited their i-765/i-131 combo card through fax but won’t get through. Do you know where to send it if we send it via snail mail? Thank u.
  10. That’s great news! When will you be having your interview? How I wish the Chicago field office would be as quick as yours I’m giving up hope on our i-765 & i-131. Lol. Good luck on preparing for your interview!
  11. Aaaaahhhh, I just checked right now and to my (expected) disappointment, no, nothing changed. I-485s and SRs both. My mom’s advance parole SR was assigned to an officer last August 06 but it’s stuck at that and i-485s are stuck at “Case Received” since 11/27/18 lol. I’m anxious to go through with this expedite process though because I’m not sure if I’ll receive just the work permit or i receive the travel permit along with it in combo card form. I’ll update once anything changes!
  12. Hi, no I don’t have a pending job offer.. but I can apply real quick and ask for a letter though lol! that’s why I was hesitant to file too since my reasons were 1.) we’re just almost 9 months left behind 2.) my stepdad’s drowning in bills 3.) his savings are going down the drain 😕 the additional income would prevent him to use up all his savings so I wanna write down too if ever I make a letter and fax it to the officer, so I was thinking of sending those (letter, credit card bills, bank account statements) instead. I really am just eager to get the i-131 and figured to kill two birds with one stone by trying to expedite i-765.
  13. i filed an expedite process request a few days ago and received an email today that i needed to fax proof of a pending job offer—should i include other proof of “financial” loss too for good measure? (bills, written letter explaining financial loss)?? and for those who successfully tried to expedite your i-765s, does it (usually) mean that you also get the i-131 too?
  14. It’s been 265 days for me since the last update for i-765/i-131 combo card and i-485 AOS application, and at this point I’m really just waiting for the i-485 to change status but our LFO is Chicago and I think it’s not one of the fastest LFOs in the country. However each day that passes I grow more anxious since I have to go back to my country in late September or early October. We’ve never anticipated this long wait for EAD/AP 😕 I am really thinking of reaching out to our senator because of this. Any of you had luck reaching out to your senator to see how your cases are going? I’ve already called the USCIS countless times and filed case inquiries and even had an expedite request filed for the i-765 but nothing still. It’s been almost 9 months. Any advice would help. Thank you.
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