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  1. yea i agree it will always be like that so better wait till its out of normal processing time then make a call..being impatient just gonna worry you😁
  2. well im not December filer but yea you have to be very patient for this journey. you can call uscis if your timeline pass patient and more more patient 😁
  3. if you're not in a hurry just apply for ssn after you get your ead or greencard..ssa is a pain in the AΓ—Γ— most of the time. no need for ssn to apply aos
  4. put your name at the back of the photos using either pencil or pen as long as your name stay still.i didnt put the alien number to mine as i dont have one. im done with my aos. good luck
  5. 2 photos each of the forms(i485,ap,ead) organize organize organize it will help uscis people to handle your packet easier 😁 good luck
  6. you sounds like my husband he's 6'5" he dont hate seeing markets but he hates the hanging tarps..you should visit Baguio they have a nice weather there..if you hate 99°F weather you should go to Baguio its a nice place to retire too for americans who don't like too cold and too hot weather 😁😁
  7. you mean bonafide marriage/relationship evidence to file aos? nothing.. MARRIAGE certificate and affidavit of support is enough. follow the instructions in I485 its very understandable and easier than applying for k1 visa.. gather evidence for aos interview but still then even at interview they are aware that some documents are not easy to get if you are a new immigrant.. good luck
  8. so funny just found this thread.. i had the same problem..i tried to register in credit karma last week of January 2019. i even contact credit karma help support and they told me it might because im a new immigrant and told me to try to wait for 2 months so we just ignore and every week credit karma sent me an email ask me if i solve my problem(i ignore) i didnt know my husband request a card for me as his authorized user in his capital one credit card. second week of march my birthday he told me to open credit karma app and wow it gets through and i got 755 instant scores πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚and its going up as i dont use my card much.im still not used to it,i still prefer cash lol. good luck
  9. FilAm24

    Bank records

    well..it just proven that you're not supposed to believe a fellow filipina.instead do your own research. i spent all my peso coin before interview and left the country with my passport and visa and even at port of entry they never mention the show money πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ tell her relax,be honest, make sure all documents are ready and enjoy telling the CO your love story(when they ask about it)it will melt their heart trust me😁😁
  10. i think your passport with visa will be in your hand soon 😁😁. 2go moa is always the fastest choice..got mine 3 days after interview (never check online status)its just gonna make you crazy impatient but i did make sure to call the call center to make sure my delivery address is right and i just waited for 2go text and of course i visit 2go moa branch everyday as i go there to shop πŸ˜‚
  11. relax,be confident..if you know you have a bonafide relationship you should not worry too much because the aos interview is easier than visa interview..just make sure to bring all the original copies of the documents that you submitted. good luck
  12. leave in your hotel or bring it with you and trust the lady outside the Embassy (if you do this) don't forget to give her a tip, she love it specially if you pass your interview πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
  13. all members should check this thread to let them aware the cost of living in America and the worth of insurance
  14. nobody knows...just bring what they ask and try to explain the best as you can about the address changes (if they ask) good luck
  15. they usually don't ask..just bring a copy of the letter of intent that you sent in your petition, it is fine..but they don't ask for it.
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