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  1. Best to have insurances like health,dental,vision and life insurance commingled with your spouse. All financial related showing that you and your partner shared. And dont say second marriage it should call a renewal of vow. Good luck
  2. Yes its for feb. I'll keep you updated.
  3. Thanks hank. Yes im gonna renew it in my married name and yes i already did my ROM Got our PSA already 😁 This renewal gonna be a bit tricky for me though i hope they wont give me a hard time. I didnt follow the Philippines traditional naming way and i hope they wont make a big deal out of it. Sigh Thank you again hank
  4. Hey guys im not sure if this is been ask already. So this is gonna be my first time renewing my Philippines passport and it would be in an outreach program in Miami. My question is..is anyone here knew what are the requirements i must bring? The Philippines embassy sent me an email with the link of the requirements but its useless i cant open it in any browser. So if anyone knew the link or knew the requirements i would really appreciate it. Thanks guys. God bless all
  5. in my experience i didnt bring any documents that my husband sent in petition(pictures and i129f) he taught me to tell the IO that i dont have those because he already sent them all with the petition(just incase they ask but they never did).and because i always want to be 100% prepared for the interview i made him sent me some documents like his divorce decree,bc etc. except the copy of I129f though because i/we believe that if they dont have those forms they wouldn't update me 😂we we're always confident and way to positive with the process thats all😆 so i suggest follow embassies every steps and print and bring anything you believe that will help your case to get approve. the cfo is a different thing get ready your fiance birth certificate and divorce decree on the time of your interview and make sure that you know your fiance's family,how he got divorce etc. Good luck!
  6. we used credit card to pay our k1 and k2 aos application last October 2018 and there's no problem.we submit one G-1450 for each applicant.
  7. The most important thing is the immunization/vaccination sheet and its valid upto 1year. if you had your interview before your your medical expired i think you'll be fine because how about those people who been in AP for a long time do they need another medical test or immunization? i guess not or if there's a case like that the expert members and moderator can correct me here.
  8. Call the number that they gave you when 10 days passed...im sure they explain to you what you must do when you dont receive your visa within 10 days. And again everyone goes through AP...it can take a few days,a few weeks or longer..Call the number that they gave you do not rely on the status of online..i never rely on it from petition to getting my visa on hand. Its just gonna make you crazy. Ah and also in your other thread about your medical. your immunization is valid upto one year so you have nothing to worry about. good luck
  9. everyone goes through AP and AP can take upto few days,few week to a few months or longer.. and your medical/immunization in st Luke's has validity of 1 year.
  10. just stay positive no matter what..lot of people failed in driving test godbless
  11. i see. they supposed to fix the license when they knew you'd get married after you turn 23.. marriage certificate just follow the license. maybe ask the judge who married you is my first move?but your dob is in there thats the most important.
  12. of course they are going to put your age at the time that you got married..its not like we need to update our marriage certificate every year😁😁 you'll be fine
  13. you supposed to take the visa interview seriously and of course you must include dressing up appropriately but getting a visa approved is not base on how you dress up..Its always depend on the case and not how you dress up during interview 😊😊im just saying
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